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Ludia should do something about bullies

Ludia should implement a system that does not allow players with level 28 or 30 dinosaurs to degrade in arenas where players have their only ranks between level 24 or 25. Most of these players with very strong dinosaurs know that if they fall from the arena and trophies For them it is very easy to cultivate pvp fights because they know that a player with dinosaurs of level 23, 24, 25 will not be able to defeat them. What Ludia must do is that when reaching a certain number of trophies, do not allow these players to lower their trophies if they lose because they want to. The game should not allow you to lower the sand level. Pvp should be fun and not frustrating, it is true that the system matches you with your number of trophies but it is very rare that you constantly meet players with epics of level 26,27. And another comment. The truth that Ludia should focus more on solving the problem of balance, creating new abilities and distributing them respectively to the rarity of the dinosaur, it cannot be that a legendary dinosaur has the same immunities as a unique dinosaur. An epic dinosaur is an epic dinosaur, period. You don’t need to have 100% immunity equal to a single dinosaur unique.
And do something with the forgotten legendary dinosaurs that do not have any immunity that seems to be that the MONOLOMETRODON stole all the immunities that other legnedaries that do not have any

And don’t bother asking me questions because I won’t take time to answer them. Because I have other activities to do.


Here is something that will make pvp better