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Ludia should feel bad about sanctuary exclusive dinosaurs

Title says it all.

FIP these exclusive dinosaurs for days and days so you can do 1 fusion and get a 10? Are you joking?

You build the hype of these new creatures and then make them impossible to find.

It’s like we are children at a toy store in January browsing awesome new toys and ludia is our parents saying “well put it on your Christmas list”.


And another thing.

Ludia is taking hunting out of the game. Put the creatures in the game. Let us hunt. Free us!


Also Blue is like the star of 2 movies and y’all lock her up at ludia hq just rarely letting her out.

Wyd ludia. Come on.

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Kinda good shes exclusive now, because of Indo Gen 2 being busted


Nah indo2 has counters.

Maxima is forced down our throats and is a great counter. Remember. Ludia gave us a random maxima encounter like 2 weeks ago. But tentrex as an encounter last year would unbalance arena.


And these new global epics. I mean what’s the deal with that. It used to be you could go to a local zone and use a scent and good chances you find what you want. Now it’s all jumbled with trash.

It’s like wanting those rye chips and you used to be able to buy a bag of just rye chips. But now ludia is like buy this bag of Chex mix and hope you get the rye chips. No one wants a whole bag of Chex mix. They want the rye chips.

Give us back our ability to get rye chips!


Or pretzels. :smile:

I like the pretzels.


The pretzels are good!

But the Chex portions! Come on! Only a psycho would be like “oh man got any more of the whole wheat Chex you could pass my way”


Indo Gen 2 does have counters, but not many. Only ones I know of are Maxima, Gemini, and Ardont

And Mexichicken

Ludia did everything in their power to give everyone a team level IndoG2 :rofl: