Ludia should not be putting legendaries and uniques on the map during a pandemic lockdown. Going out to collect digital dinosaur DNA is non-essential and puts community health and safety at unnecessary risk. Incentivizing people to do so is irresponsible

none of us are are being convenienced by the current circumstances. we’re all missing out on something. do your part by accepting it and finding something else to do. you can’t collect digital dinosaur DNA just like i can’t see my companion for the next two months because she’s working an ER in NYC and i can’t be with her. the last thing i want is for her (or anyone else working in healthcare) to have to treat someone who got sick or who got someone else sick by going out to collect digital dinosaur DNA. just some perspective. kindly, stay home.


Sorry to hear about that! Yes I agree that Ludia shouldn’t give us legendary and unique attempts now. A way they can still give us legendary and unique attempts while still staying home is by giving us a 2 minute scent that will only attract that unique/legendary(what if that‘s what the Unique Scent datamined is about?).


Holy topic title batman!


Ludia has never been a company that cares for anything besides cash. They want people to play their game. From a financial pov it is understandable, if they really wanted to keep people safe, there would certainly be better ways :wink:


Is a good idea special scent for 2 minutes, help us to stay in home. And I insist: a control to move us over the game’s map.

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Seriously, you need to chill. Its not all about you. 96% of the world can still go out for walks and they don’t need restrictions because of the other 4%. More than 4% of the world can’t walk or drive anyway because of handicaps or infirmity, so should that be a reason to cancel events? Should gluten allergies prevent all restaurants from serving bread items? I could go on for hours on why we should continue as normal as possible.


100% agree with Kwaack on this one.

I can still go out and exercise with a walk every day, and pretty much everything in the game is within striking distance for me.

Am I supposed to feel irresponsible for still playing because someone else says so?

The fact that the game is still perfectly playable is a commendable achievement by Ludia, so I for one want to thank them for making it so.


Don’t get too excited, it’s only 1 attempt on them anyway…

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There have been so many posts in social media that understimated Corona, they usually don’t age very well. :wink:

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Well, they shouldn’t cancel them, they should get us more ways to get DNA and coins. While still having events, at least make the green drops able to reach or add a personal one…
You should see what they have done with the alliance championship. (that’s a tournament type dna collecting event) and see how they cheated us out of tier 10 rewards, even tier 9. WHILE this is happening.

Curiously, I somehow agree with all the people who spoke in this post and with Ludia and I try to explain myself.

I agree with the person in charge of this post that Ludia should try these weeks not to introduce many epic, legendary and unique because there is a large part of the world population that will not be able to hunt them.

On the other hand, it is not good for the game to stop because precisely, the game is for many a good way to escape from cruel reality.

So what should Ludia do?

  1. Reduce the number of rare, epic, legendary, and uniques that appear in towers these days and Ludia is already doing this. It is true that this week there is an attempt of legendary and unique but, in reality, it is one of the worst legendary and a unique that is not top. Also there are only 3 epic attempts (undesirable) and few rare (even less desirable). I think what Ludia has done is correct.

  2. Try to make these green towers and epic, rare, and aroma assault towers always in range. I know it is not easy but Ludia must try. Today, for example, almost nobody in my alliance had a vision of the epic tower and many have lost it. I found her 2 km from home on my weekly outing to go shopping. This is the issue that I believe Ludia should focus its efforts on.

Number 2 is super easy. Just not convenient (financially for them) in how they could do it: Sell supply drop that can be placed at a chosen spot and will rotate what it has every 30 minutes (event, event critter, and strike towers). I’ve seen it done in another GPS-based game, so they can do it too most likely.

I just got back from a nice long relaxing dino hunt.


As long as you aren’t going out and mixing with other people, it shouldn’t be a problem to do a little solo hunting. That being said, please everyone be safe and respect the situation that the world is in right now.

How bout NO

you’re absolutely correct. it is, in fact, about everyone.

my impression is that you don’t know what you’re talking about. you likely don’t have a math or science background, you likely don’t work in healthcare or know anyone who does, and you likely don’t understand the amount of devastation that an unrestricted pandemic would cause. the only reason why you’re in the position that you’re in – where you can safely think that what’s going on isn’t a big deal – is that the people around you have made the decisions necessary to keep you safe by proxy. you’re benefiting from their sacrifice. right now, as normal as possible is not normal at all. and, if we return to normal too soon, we will end up right back where we are.

ludia should not be encouraging people to go out hunting for digital dinosaur DNA.

just stay home. please.


They’re fining people here. We’re not allowed outside.


I’m lucky enough to live in an area that doesn’t have harsh restrictions yet. we are allowed out for exercise as long as we keep at least 6 feet apart from people not in the same household. but the people in my town are not taking it super seriously unfortunately. no one wearing masks, chatting up a storm in the grocery store, blocking isles, and getting way too close for what’s going on. I don’t bother going out much unless i absolutely need something, and virtual dinosaurs is not one of those things. there will be another chance at unique dnios in the future,

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Well, if that’s the main point of the game there would be no point in this game, then, amirite?

IKR. Besides you could just have someone living with you drive and collect Dino’s as up you go if you live with someone. If someone isn’t living with you, you could just social distance like people are supposed to be doing.

You just lit into me on reddit! LOL
It’s okay man. :slight_smile: