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Ludia should prioritise on fixing THESE problems 🐞

This should probably go into the bug report category but since theres multiple bugs I’m going to talk about I will put it on suggestions.

Ludia has been fixing bugs every once in a while, while this may be good, most of the bugs they fix are the less important ones, the ones that doesn’t really affect many people or just simply does nothing to the game. Normally this is a good thing but they have ignored many bugs that’s been affecting our QoL way more.
So let’s get straight to the point. Below is the top 5 problems I personally think Ludia should focus on before any other problems.

1. The restarting bug

This wasn’t really a problem until 2.0 hits, which became a major problem. Although I didn’t see many people complaining about it, I feel like its affecting the game A LOT. Almost every time when you switch tabs / screen off the same message pops out, forcing you to restart the game. Even if it doesn’t pop out there always is some problems showing in the game that doesn’t normally show. Which might also force you to restart the game. Now each time we restart the game it takes around 30 seconds to a minute. And having needed to restart almost every time you switch tabs is really annoying. Thats a lot of time wasted. This means they’re kind of forcing you not to switch tabs, meaning you can’t go to the forum while you’re playing, or Field Guide, or discord, or the calculator etc. If Ludia can get this fixed asap it would be awesome, we can save a lot more time.

2. Battle timeout

This I think is also a huge problem in the game that needs to be fixed. Trying to get an 8hr incubator before sleep is always a pain, especially when you have to see that screen very often. This problem has been around for a long time, and it occurs even more after the 2.0 update. Every time this problem occurs you lose more than a minute of your life, and while this problem occurs quite frequently, you’re losing a lot of time. To fix this problem I have two proposals. Firstly, (assuming this bug is fixable) get rid of it, don’t make us waste time on this, it’s that simple I’m asking for. And if it really can’t be fixed, what about let us fight AI when this happens? We still need to get through that one minute thats potentially long enough for us to fall asleep, but at least we get to fight AI after that, which means, we probably could save some time as AI are much easier to beat. I have no idea if its going to change, but since many people voiced about this I’m hoping Ludia would really do something on it.

3. Dynamic text error
Dynamic text is a new feature added in 2.0, it was supposed to improve our QoL. While in many cases it helped us, sometimes its actually causing us trouble. In a battle, when a creature is distracted / slowed, it shows the creature’s changed attack or speed. And sometimes when the creature is no longer distracted or slowed, but it still shows that the creature is distracted or slowed. This problem affects the cunning creatures the most(rip cunning again), as their main job is to distract and it’s really important to know whether the opposing creature will be able to one shot your creature or not. While an inaccurate damage showing would hugely affect your decision. My suggestion on this problem would be. Firstly, fix this problem, stop showing us the wrong damage or speed stats. Then, here comes the great part, show us the actual damage each move would do. What I mean by that is, for example, if a resilient creature is distracted 100%, on its resilient strike move we can now see its base damage again, while its other move that can’t cleans distraction would still show 0 damage. Another example, assuming you’re using an armored creature, and the opponent has a non armor-piercing move, now instead of showing us the move’s base damage, it now shows us the move’s actual damage. Last example, let’s say you have dracoceratops on hand, you’re not sure if you should swap it in to kill the opponent, now if you press it and hold it shows the opponent’s health bar being changed, just like when you press on an attack move. I believe not everyone would like my suggestion, but I feel like it makes the whole battling easier and you don’t need a calculator next to you while battling at all.

4. Unable to pick a move

Although this problem has been around for a long time, I can see an improvement on it since its it’s happening less now (maybe it’s just on me, idk) But still being here means they haven’t fully fixed this problem yet. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it usually happened in the middle of a game, where suddenly you are unable to pick a move, as you click on the moves and the move button disappears, and from that round onwards the timer just goes and you’re forced to play the first move, no matter what you do. Ludia should pay more attention on this bug as it means you’re almost 100% going to lose the battle. Though it’s not on the top of the list because it doesn’t happen all the time, it’s still affecting many people and we want it completely gone.

5. Friend list / alliance chat / (tournament) leaderboard not loading correctly

While this isn’t as much as a problem as the ones above are, this is certainly still a headache for us, this happens quite often, and we are again forced to restart the game as a result. There isn’t much to talk about, Ludia just needs to put this on their fix list as well.

Now I’ve talked about the biggest technical problems in this game (from my perspective), let’s hope Ludia is going to do something about these problems. Meanwhile if you have any more technical problems that I have missed please do include them below in comments.


Kiiiiiiind of the same category as your #4 but shields that last longer than one turn having the actual shield grid visual disappear when they’re still active is incredibly confusing sometimes. Not all the time but enough times where I think, “am I nuts? isn’t this going to be blocked, too?”

We really need the clarity, particularly for ‘Long Invincibility’.

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I agree, that’s #3 though
Ludia needs to work on clarity on battles, the shields are always not showing up but then when you get it it says shield. You’re not sure what happens until you have chosen a move. Its affecting what move you would pick

Up to this post because it’s a great synthesis and it’s a pity that Ludia doesn’t pay attention to it.

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Thank you! It’s not just Ludia even other players aren’t looking at it. I was expecting a lot more comments or even debates… :sweat: