Ludia since JWA is already pay to win, why not go all out and give VIP


There’s been countless times I’ve been to the park. It’ll be an epic dino day and I’m only able to catch 3 even with VIP you might get 150 DNA. VIP pays $10 a month for extra battery and some extra coin at stops.

Why not allow Vip to catch double the daily event unless of course it’s a common that has 30 or so already?

Why not give VIP

Unfortunately the amount of DNA you catch is not Ludia’s problem because it comes down to how skilled you are at darting.

JWA is also not pay to win. It’s just faster to progress if you pay a bunch of money for stuff but it’s doable without it. It’s slower but doable.


With your own logic, how much battery or coins they give us is not their problem either. But below & hold they do give it to the people who have VIP status. You also described pay to win to a tee. Call of duty has supply drops where you can get an OP weapon at some point that would take the grinder way longer to get. The same applies to JWA and incubators. I’m not dogging your comment. But only replied using your own logic.

You know those incubators that offer 500 guaranteed of say Trex. That’s pay to win. You know how long its gonna take the grinder to get that same amount


Yea it will take a grinder a lot longer but that’s part of the fun that some people have with the game. The journey and process is part of the experience.

I understand it is frustrating from a certain point of view. I, too, would like to have more than 3 attempts on epics when they say there are only 3 attempts. But the accuracy of your dart is something you control which is not what Ludia does. Ludia can control how many coins and batteries you get at supply drops because it is probably an automated system of specific values. But for darting, it’s based on how accurate you are and that’s controlled by the user.