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Ludia *Sips tea* ah... balance

Sooo I’m just gonna start battling players 900+ trophies above me now apparently while also losing 32 trophies to their almost all lvl 30 boosted team. This matchmaking needs a serious rework, this isn’t balanced at all. I could see losing maybe 22 trophies if that but I never should have been matched with this player to begin with. Come on Ludia, you can fix a screw up that benefits players within 1-5 hours but can’t fix something that screws them over after months?

This is my team for reference. A few things have tier 7 boosts on some of their traits. Sarco is the only 7 across the board.

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Did you try running it without lvl 30 Tany?

I hover around 5500 and got matched with DinoL3o, much to my surprise I lost. It happens and sometimes goes the other way as well. Hang in there :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey! That’s me!! I’m playing with an all immune team (plus DC). That’s my high score but my current trophy count is 4856, probably a bit lower when we met. You can never go by the publicly visible score. It’s just another way Ludia hides their shame, by letting the high score be the only visible thing. I’ve been winning and losing, so hovering in the same place so far.

Oh, and only one of my team right now has a tier 7 boost - ardentis. I think magna has one boost to speed, otherwise it’s stock. Lol…


Interesting team going almost all immune.

It’s fun. Really messes with people.


The trophy count doesn’t matter like it used to. It’s the team strength that determines match ups.

Even disregarding trophy count and going on team strength alone there is no reason i should be matching with that many lvl 30s especially boosted. I have removed tany before and it didn’t make any difference and I’m not throwing in lvl 20 dinos to weaken my team as a whole just so i can end up doing this to someone else. The whole point is matchmaking is broken since it is now calculated off more than just trophies. Its a ln algorithm I’m sure some monkey in a white lab coat put together with how horribly it doesn’t work. IF we were still in the days of only trophy count then i could see this happening, it use to happen all the time. I am consistently getting matched with people i shouldn’t be fighting though and it was like this before a became a permanent resident of aviary/library. Theres no way Ludia can make a proper matchmaking algorithm that will properly account for dino lvl and boosted lvl especially when its a 4 out of 8 for what dinos you will get in the match. They know this matchmaking isn’t working right (except maybe for heavy spenders and/or those who are at 5500+ trophies) and they wont fix it. Let there be a day with unlimited coins from stops and they slap a hard NOPE on that within a couple hours. The boost sales being exploited what 3 or 4 different times? Still kept trying to push it through because it required people to spend so they benefitted. I want to enjoy battling again without having to actually handicap myself to get halfway fair matches or matches that will be completely unfair to others.

So how is team strength calculated? Level, boosts applied, rarity? If rarity, does that mean an epic counts less than a unique even at same level and boosts?

Actually now I’m really curious to see what your teams real strength is vs mine. Like, I’m sure that tany is more powerful than my pterovex and probably even my magna. Your Thor is likely more powerful than anything I have… levels aside, stats matter more now.

What’s annoying is that it seems matchmaker takes your whole team into account (all 8 at once) instead of taking the 4 that will be used), which results in situations where my lowest legendaries which are lvl 19, 16 and 16, along with maybe my lvl 20 tyrannolophosaur(all unboosted) will be greeted by teams that have lvl 24 Thor, lvl 22 Magna, lvl 22 Tryko or Dioraja, and a lvl 20-22 Dracocera for good measure (all boosted).


My Thor is only tier 5 health and tier 6 attack. Maybe tier 4 speed if that. My tany is tier 7 attack and health, tier 6 speed. My sarco is the only thing i have at tier 7 speed. Everything else is 6 or lower. My magna is tier 5 speed. Tier 6 attack. Tier 6 health. My erlidom is tier 7 health, tier 6 attack, tier 6 speed. Indo is tier 5 speed, tier 6 health, tier 6 attack. Tryko tier 6 health, tier 6 attack, tier 3 speed. Dilorach is tier 6 health, tier 5 speed, tier 6 attack.

Thats my point. There is no way Ludia can be doing a properly balanced matchmaking if its taking it all into account. Thats why some people put lvl 18-20 dinos on their team with lvl 27+ uniques. It gives them easier matches against weaker players and they still get the high trophies for it. I can have 4 tier 7 lvl 30s and 4 lvl 20 tier 3s and the game is gonna match me with average team level of 24-26. Now i get all 40 lvl 30s and crush the dude that has lvl 24’s and 25’s and i get alot of trophies because we were “evenly matched”. It can go the opposite and i get trounced by getting all the lvl 20s. Most people that i have seen do it have only 2 lvl 18-20’s so their odds of getting the other 6 good dinos are higher. Its stupid. They progress by weakening their team amd it makes no sense. It also keeps the arena from sorting itself out into different tiers of difficulty through strictly trophy count. (Except above 5500.)

I’m at work, but when I get a chance I’ll check out mine and put it up here.

Ok dino, then health, attack, speed

Indom, 6,6,5
Tryo 5,5,6
Ptero 0,0,0
Ardentis 7,7,3
Ankylocodon 6,6,0
Procera 5,5,4
Magna 3,3,4
DC 6,6,2
That’s mine. Only 2 of those are really on my regular team, sometimes three. I spread my boosts around so I could have fun with different teams and dinos without sacrificing trophies.


So you have less boosts mainly due to the all 0 dino but you have way higher levels.

See, that’s just the thing - levels don’t carry nearly as much weight as they did before.

Let’s look at our magna’s shall we?

Me - L26 3,3,4 which means
3531 health
1540 attack
135 speed

You - L22 6,6,5 which means
3644 health
1589 attack
146 speed

4 levels lower, but the more powerful creature. Much the same could likely be said for the rest of your team vs mine.

In the era of boosts, people are far too hung up on levels. If I get bored later maybe I’ll do an entire side by side of the stats…


To be honest I don’t know how it determines it. I don’t think it has ever been revealed.

Using your Magna example:

A level 23 Magna boosted to Tier 7 all around (126 Boosts each) has better stats, and faster at 162, than a level 30 Magna with no boosts.

Level 23 at Tier 7:
Health: 3965
Attack: 1729
Speed: 162

Level 30 no boosts:
Health 3902
Attack: 1702
Speed: 128

That same level 23 boosted to level 6 all around (62 boosts each) is stronger than a level 29 Magna, and much faster at 154.

Level 23 at Tier 6:
Health: 3826
Attack: 1669
Speed: 154

Level 29 no boosts:
Health: 3716
Attack: 1621
Speed: 128