Ludia, spawns are really depressing

Since patch 1.5 hit, going outside to hunt dinos is really really boring.
All zones are flooded with the same common, all good dinos are daytime (and it’s winter, all we have is night).

Epic spawns are DEPRESSING.
Hours of walking and driving in crowded cities and neighborhoods, the same I user before, and all you see is commons and weekly dinos.
Where are the wild epics?

This way you make people stop enjoying the game or cheat.


Actually Ludia listens.
So, no worries. The Devs will fulfill most players wish - players are complaining about Stegod and Stegoceratops - now nobody can find Stegosaurus or Triceratops in the wild.
Except for fixing bugs (while introducing new ones with the update).

Hopefully, they will significantly nerf the spawn rate of everything except for Ophiacodon, Iguanodon and Lynthronax soon.

Recent events have been perfect creature choices for me. I’m happy just getting event spawns.

However it brings home how pointless the current spawn rate is. I’m walking long distances in a capital city where in the past I got huge amounts of spawn. Now 3 rares on all of this. Not seen an epic in a week. Ludia can just stop wild spawning if this is all they will give us. No shortage of worthless Eini of course but it’s worthless on a lvl 25 team.

Last 2 days walking. 3 rares that weren’t event. Also that’s how long 24 Kaprosuchus 9 Sino took to collect.


they are trying to make us back to buying incubators …

all kinds of scent don’t work well today…

Last time I had a serious dino hunt a couple of days ago, I found a whopping 2 epics - a Gorgosuchus (stuck behind a strike event) and an Erliko.

In fact, I didn’t even see that many rares outside of the event supply stops. And when I did, they were always bundled together, so after I got one of them, the others were usually no longer obtainable.

Spawns really have been garbage since this update.

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So on my other account, I am sticking strictly to local and global spawns with perspective hybrids from those. Compare L1 Megalosaurus to L1+Global made Majudaasuchus both level 17. Easy to get dino’s are crap.


It has taken 2 months to get Mega to 17, 11 days to get MJ to 17. MJ and Mega have the exact same moves but MJ is crap compared to Mega but since I can power level MJ really fast, it will be usefull in the midterm to have an overleveled MJ. Who knows, maybe they will buff him in the future like the did a little with Lythronax.

Problem is Ludia nerfed the spawns, no matter how much Metahub claims they didn’t. Only wild epic I have seen is a Baronyx since 1.5. One… I travel in a 50 mile radius every day around DFW/Dallas area for Real Estate… so don’t tell me spawns didn’t get nerfed.

When the game released I saw epics for every 10-20 minutes of travel. Now forget it. Can go days, weeks without an epic. They keep claiming they increase the spawns, but what they increases are the useless crap, nobody wants. Making this game less about traveling/walking and more about, “please buy our scents to get the useful Dinos we once had in the wild and can’t find anymore”.

Problem is, people bought into the whole scent thing and now Ludia has us hooked on scents for dinos we once found in the wild.

I for one love 1.5, but the once loved GPS game is starting to diminish quite rapidly due to no need to walk/drive around anymore…


And yet people still claim that spawns didnt get nerfed, all epics i find are baryonix, koola and sometimes raja, no Trex, no anky, no sino, nothing.


Same. They should rotate zones each week


I would settle for once a month rotations, with increase in epic spawns

I’ve said this same thing. The spawns should migrate every week. This way every person gets each of the four zones in their area for a week. They have change the Special Event once a week anyway, I don’t see why they can’t migrate every week also. It would make the game a lot more fair!!

I also agree that spawns have been nerfed this release. It’s happened before with other releases too. The strange thing is that it seems to affect some areas more than others in my opinion. That is why some people will still be saying the spawns are fine.

I haven’t been able to get velociraptor spawns consistently in about 4 months, and they did this on purpose leading up to the release of the scent. Now we can’t get stegosaurus since it’s a park spawn only, and it’s no coincidence that they just released that scent. It really turns me off the game when I see such blatant money grabbing like this. If they want to slow down the progress of certain dinosaurs then they should increase the DNA requirements but still allow spawns. What is the point of this game if we can’t catch dinos in the wild and at least make progress even if it is slow on our dinos?

I’m also irritated that as soon as I manage to get a good legendary they seem to always nerf it. Legendaries should be usable. It takes a lot of time and effort and some money as well to get them. I just feel like they dangle things and then snatch them away as soon as it’s in hand.


Anyone claiming spawns didnt get nerfed didnt pay attention to the patch notes but there was an ominous note in there about a focus on hybrid components and a specific mention of Trex and his value. At the time most of us thought this means would be seeing more hybrid components like trex.

What we didnt realize is the hybrids they were refering to were einosuchus, majungasuchus, diplotator, and suchotator. And that the mention of trex was that he was so valuable we were going to be seeing him alot less.

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So… what you are saying is they took away something good, gave us more of poopoo DNA, and on top of that Epic spawns magically randomely disappeared. Facts. Ohh and if you want good DNA buy the scents… yup we read the patch notes, and we are seeing the real life consequences where we live.

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There was a crucial word missing from my post… lol… it should have read anyone claiming spawns didnt get nerfed. Ive edited it.

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I think ludia it’s doing a great job in many things on the game, but this game it’s all about resources and the main resource it’s the dna and when you affect that in any game at the end will get bored, specially when you have a limited time to play. A solution to that problem as many are saying it’s the rotation of local areas.

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Since event ended I was asked to do an update on the app. Since I have caught a T-rex at my house (first I saw since 1.5). I had para at my house for a while, then the last 4 or 5 days Tarbo, now no Tarbo and back to para.

If I drive 5 minutes from my house it is flooded with eupho.

10 minutes from my house it is deinochereus. I also found stegoceratops, teno, and Kentro (first one I can remember seeing in the wild) here all with 500 meters of each other.

Does this mean I covered 3 different zones?

I play on the way to work and the way home. I intentionally take the long way. Used to bag 6 or 8 epics a day. Lucky to see 2 now. Its terrrible. Bad enough that I played pokemon go all weekend after i got my sinos.

Completely agree with everyone above.

Some dinos get priority it seems, even if they are the same rarity.

Example - I will see 10 -20 Enio’s before I see 1 Draco G2. Both are in the same zone, and both are supossed to be commons right? Why do I see sooooo many Eino’s?

Just for the record, I have always hated, and I mean HATED, the day/night cycle as well. I certainly do not expect them to change anything though. Nor will they anyway.

I agree T-Rex is hard to find, in my experience, since last update. But this is what i saw in my way back home tonight (15-20 minutes car)

I haven’t seen gypro or sino for months, now here they are. It is just a matter of lucky, I think.