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Ludia speed boosts are still a problem

Please change the speed boosts to +1. I think this will help pvp. The update is exactly what the game needed. You are so close to making the game great again. Fix the speed boosts to +1. It will totally redeem the game!image


Gotta go fast!


Well some playstyle never change…

And while we are at it, faced this in mid library earlier, the first dino with 5 digits health I fought lol.


I feel like boosts make the matchmaking look worse

Laughs in .4 wound

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haha well my thyla was not high level enough, but still the ardentis swapped out immediately. It was too wasteful to lose the big health pool to dot.

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Lol sometimes makes me wish thyla had no escape…but that be way too op

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On escape minor rend.


Lol :joy: that be awesome but it’s only an epic super let’s not get crazy here

give it to the alloraptor unique.


Or on escape pounce?

I say change matchmaking so unboosted players can be matched only with other unboosted players

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I’d like boosts to no apply to arena pvp. Boosts should only be pve and tournaments

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Doing what I wrote would actually remove boosts from arena for unboosted players

I kinda feel iffy on your suggestion. I would suggest the same increase per boost, butthe amount of boosts to be applied per creature on specific lvl changes. Right now, the creature lvl indicates how much boosts are allowed to be allocated on a specific creature, but what if Speed Boost had a limit?

Lvl 15 (5 SBB only)
16 (same)
17 (same)
18 (6 SSB)
19 (same)
20 (same)
21 (7 SSB)
22 (same)
23 (same)
24 (8 SSB)
25 (same)
26 (same)
27 (9 SSB)
28 (same)
29 (same)
30 (10 SSB)

In total, only allowing a +20 in a creature’s speed even on lvl 30

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Omg why? :man_facepalming:



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I think you know why

Because Ludia gave Smaxima about 7 tiers worth of HP as base, people now have lots of points left over so they spend it in speed.

Okay but just imagine that IRL (or just in the JWA movies) - That giant thing running faster than a velociraptor through a busy town.