Ludia started listening to players, so I guess ill have my two cents


So, going to just spill a tone of suggestions and feedback, spurred by the “we want your opinion” not having a extra comments box.

So, I am bad at giving feedback, I will just try to format this post with the problem, why its a problem, a suggestion to fix it. The game is pretty great already, but there are still a lot of issues.

Problem - VIP membership is very unexciting
Why - What you get for VIP right now is a single 1 time incubator and extra dart time and range, but this doesn’t really affect people who don’t have a lot of time to roam, but prefer to do battles, which ludia seem to think the community is split into explorers and battles, which may well be the case, but the VIP benefits are only for explorers, and are a little boring.
Solution - More VIP features, such as a 5th VIP only slot for battle incubators, allowing us to save up more. Higher inventory spaces, so this is a new feature from the last patch, but its something that ludia could make a more lucrative VIP option. Also perhaps a VIP only incubator like the 6 hour one. I am thinking of Jurassic World the Game kind of deal here.

Problem: Battery life drain
Why: Battle arenas and fusing dinos takes up so much battery life its unreal. This really limits the play of the game on some devices. The power saving mode seems to not work
Solution: Improve the power saving mode, maybe by down-rendering game assets.

Problem: Strike Towers. Strike Towers in general.
Why: Okay this is a long one. I like that strike towers are in the game, I like that you have to go out to find them, I like those 1 battle lvl 30 dino you have to kill for an epic incubator, because those are hard, and hard is more fun than grindy or brain numbingly easy. Seeing where I am going with this? On an average day, I look at every strike tower I see. Common strike towers, I do if I pass them and if they are only 1 battle. Rares I will do if I pass them, and they are only 3 battles, I will seek them out if they are a single battle, but common and rare strike towers are just way too easy to be fun. Sure, it’s to help players that don’t have a dex as high as mine. Epic strike towers, I do in the same vein as rares, but I never touch one thats 5 or more battles. Having strike towers with so many battles takes way too much time, battery life (above point), and are usually the same boring easy battle as the stage before. The problem is, more battles also mean the battles have to be easier. We don’t want them easier.
Solution: Cap battles for strike towers to 3 and get strike towers with dinosaurs lower than your highest dinosaur level, to scale up. As a suggestion, you could make certain challenges, such as, the next stage of this common strike tower, you can only use common dinosaurs, or the next stage of this rare incubator can only use dinosaurs with less than 110 speed. And as for repetitive battles, change things up. If you have a 3 battle epic strike tower with a particular theme, like baryonyx dinos, then maybe in the next battle change it up, replace one of the dinosaurs with something that compliments the AI team more, and so on. TL;DR, No more strike towers above 3 battles, increase the difficulty, and scale it for higher players.

Problem: Tournaments & the Ladder
Why: Oh boy, another big one. So first up, what you call tournaments are not tournaments, they are seasons, and they only benefit the top 500 players. The rewards are only for those players, which okay you know what, I am fine with, but the reset to 3500 is steep when there are now arenas upto 6000. Also with this being locked to just the top 500, the majority of your playerbase doesn’t get to play in these.
Solution: For seasons, raise the number of trophys you get dropped to massively, maybe upto 5000 now. Give the rest of us stuff to do, thats where tournaments come in. Jurassic world the game had a really good tournament system I feel. Something that could work in JWA. You could enter everyone into the same tournament that lasts say 3 - 5 days, include divisions, say for 1 - 1000, 1001 - 2000 trophys ect…, and start players all at the same point, then increase the trophy gain drastically, and based on your opponent’s trophys (note tournaments should be separate from the standard battle mode). At the end of the tournament, players get a reward based on their finishing division. This would work with everyone’s dex, maybe a free tournament where everyone has access to all lvl 25s, or even specific rarity tournaments. These could all be done, and it would benefit the battling system massively.

Problem: RNG
Why: Okay, so ill split this into crit RNG (oh boy), and stun RNG (oh…stunned) (maybe ill dodge evasion though). So, RNG is needed in a game like this, I get that, and I agree, but not such RNG that can completely change the outcome of a battle in a single stroke of RNG.
Okay, so why is crit a problem? Because of those times your opponent’s 5% crit chance dino 1 shots your best dino, and god forbid he does it again. When isn’t crit a problem? When your opponent’s t-rex with 30% crit 1 shots your dino with a crit. Why is the latter not as big a problem? Because the t rex is balanced around that crit, with low speed, no armour, mediocre hp. You expect it to crit often, and you inherently play around that whole, dont let it attack philosophy. But lets say I am playing vs a tank, such as steggaceratops (5% crit chance iirc). I am not factoring the crit. This dinosaur is a stunlock dinosaur, it isn’t a huge damage dinosaur. So when I am critted for the same multiplier as the t-rex, it’s coming from a dinosaur that is not balanced around a crit, and if you are playing against a steggoceratops the way 95% of the time, you should, then that 5% of the time feels really unfair.
Now, why is stunning an issue? Let me paint you a picture, you are in a mirror match of 2 steggoceratops, with your opponent having one 2 levels lower. You should in all normal senses win that matchup. You both obviously go for a first turn slow, as standard, then you both go for 75% greater stunning strike. You go first, your attack lands, it rolls that 25% chance of not a stun. Your opponent however rolls the 75% chance and stuns you. This already feels bad, but not unreasonable. But the real kicker is when you think, you are 2 levels higher you can still take him even with missing a move. Nope stunning impact’s 33% chance stuns you again. This is the biggest problem of steggoceratops, and not just in a mirror match. I won’t even comment on that 10% stun chance… Or actually I will, 10% stun chance feels just way too generic, and way too RNG heavy. The problem with a low chance of something in a battle is that your opponent doesn’t expect it, and can’t do anything about it, and that low chance is usually what steals games. Lets take einiasuchus and sinoceratops as a comparison. You are going to associate sinoceratops with stuns, and will even remember it’s got the 20% base stun chance, and most likely you will counter play, with a postometrodon or similar. But you aren’t going to expect a base stun from einiasuchus, especially if hes blown his stunning impact getting that 5% 2800 crit on your t-rex last turn.
Solution: For crit, I suggest, that we do need variation. Some dinosaurs are built for crit, some just need variance. I would suggest for all dinosaurs with 20%+ crit chance, or with a crit chance increasing move, that they remain completely the same as they are now. I would then suggest any dinosaur above 0% but less than 20% crit, should have an increased crit chance, but at the cost that their crit is going to be only a small amount stronger than their normal attacks. It keeps variation without making them unfair when they land them. I would also like to see a line of dinosaurs built around crit (maybe aquatic dinos?), and some dinosaurs with a passive to be immune to crits, where the hits always deal the normal damage.
As for stuns. chain stuns are really not a fun thing. But then is missing an almost guaranteed stun. I would remove all stuns under 20% chance from the game to start. Then I would put some bad luck prevention in, in some form. So an example would be, if greater stunning strike fails to stun, it increases the chance to stun with your next move by 25%, but conversely, if it does stun, then it reduces your next move stun chance by 25%.

Problem: Strike Tower Dino Blocking
Why: It’s frustrating as anything when a dinosaur you want to dart is stuck under a strike tower.
Solution: Make it so that if we hold down on the strike tower, it gives us a list of things to click, the strike tower, the dino or the supply drop.

Anyway, just my 2 cents about things.