Ludia, stop Dinos disappearing when we walk towards them


Over the last two days I’ve had 2 sinocerotops, a Trex and 4 dilophosaurs disappear on me when walking towards them.
I think the solution is to stop the Dino vanishing if you have it selected. This way dinos can still spawn and de spawn but it doesn’t punish people that really want to get close and catch it.


Yeah, same here. I hate it. :frowning: Sometimes I think like they want to tease people… and make them to buy incubators from that frustration. :confused: I really believe dinos should never disappear if we have that screen with distance and we get closer to them.


Or at least we should see counter how much time remained till despawn when we select dino.


I can understand why they don’t want to give too much information about timer of spawns.

But in the same time I agree with the frustration that can come from it (even if it’s working exactly the same in pogo so it’s not new)

A suggestion could be to add a special symbol on top of the Dino like a “!” when he’s about to depop, like during the last minute or last 2min. This way you still don’t know exactly when he’s going to depop but you know if you have to dart him from a distance or if you have time to walk.
But maybe it would be still too much information since you can extrapolate despawn time (unless randomized in an interval)


Yeah both of those solutions would work too. Had another sinoceratops disappear on me, fml :sob:


Hope you’ll find another one soon !


Hope so too, lots around Barbican in London the last week