Ludia stop making epics disappear!

Getting sick of this, its just soooo freaking unfair I cannot believe it!
First those many situations with epics who disappeared right before I got to them. Rexy, Sino, Ourano, and so on.

Now, after a horrible JW Alive day with only a few Trex DNA I just saw a Spinotahraptor spawning in my neighborhood. It were approximately 5 minutes.
I got my clothes on and that damn dinosaur just disappeared!
I would have needed only 52 DNA to unlock it because I never find Spinosaurus but noooo it disappeara again.

Those epics are rare enough stop making them disappear! Thats just frustrating and unfair.

And I‘m super angry now. You know why I didn‘t delete the app? Because I did pay money and I‘m still hopeful.

Or is this the revenge for my negative comment for the app? Hmmmm? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Well thx for nothing!!

Ugh I really am angry! :triumph:

Did you tap on the dino before going to get it?

Yeah to know how far exactly she is.

In future don’t do that. You can see it’s on the very border which we all know will not be reachable. Next time, just don’t tap the dinos until you are in range to dart.

May I ask why I‘m often getting the note that Jason (?) edited my post?

Probably because they are moving it to the right section of the forum.

Is that an intended mechanism Ludia confirmed?

Because I just don‘t get the sense behind it. And if it‘s a bug I‘m wondering ehy they didn‘t fix it after that time.

Ah ok thanks. I didn‘t see that you gotta choose a section. Oops :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

It’s what i’ve always experienced. When I used to tap an epic dino in the early days when I wasn’t sure what it was, by the time I reach it the dino had gone. These days I don’t tap them and they are still there when I reach them.

Also I find sometimes if you are on wifi at home for example, and spot a dino then leave the house to go get it if the connection changes to mobile data, particularly if you’ve closed the app and opened it again sometimes dinos disappear.

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Oh great thats even better when those epics disappear due to connection change.
I cannot imagine that this hasn‘t been a problem for others so far.

Oh man I‘m really losing motivation right now. :confused:
I also have the feeling that Ludia just doesn‘t care and their team won‘t communicate with real interest with the players.

Is that really because of not tapping, or because of updates, or even just luck?

I’m not disputing, just wondering how legit this is. I’m sure we’d all like to know the best way to not lose epics from the map. I used to tap them and leave it on that screen until I was close, thinking that “surely this won’t de-spawn while I’ve got it in my sights,” but all too often this technique proved unfruitful.

Had that happen to me early in the game. Got something on the Launch screen and was checking to see how much DNA I needed to get it to the next level…. POOF! Gone. Now I get within range and hit launch ASAP. I do not worry about how much DNA I have/need until after I finish the drone sequence.