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Ludia! Stop neglecting Tenontorex! (and the older uniques)

So since the rise of immunities in 1.9, Tenontorex has started to fade a bit. I really love this dino and I think it needs a buff. Ludia has been quite kind to uniques like Mammolania, Smilonemys, Geminititan and dare I say even Quetzorion. These uniques all have an immunity that makes no sense if you look at their genetic makeup! Mammotherium and Meiolania aren’t immune to distraction. Mammolania is. Smiloceph and Carbonemys aren’t immune to deceleration. Smilonemys is. Koolabourgiana and Diplodocus have zero (0) immunities, yet Geminititan is fully immune. I realize Quetzorion just got a major nerf but I don’t care. It has no reason to be immune to distractions. Also, many of the uniques have at least a passive of some kind, like a counter, swap in move or on escape ability. The only 4 without any of these are Diloracheirus, Utarinex, Thor and Tenontorex. The other 3 aren’t as bad as Tenonoto’s situation.

So as you can see, based on its ancestry, Tenontorex should have an immunity and a swap in move. But it doesn’t. I don’t think this would even change that much in the game. Due to its low speed, Tenontorex can’t do much against immunes now. The addition of immunity to distraction and swap in stun wouldn’t change that.
And if y’all want to complain that a distraction-free dsr would “break the game,” go ahead. It’s not like we have Mammolania dealing 4500 damage with no way to escape it.
Tenontorex is still good, but this addition would make it much better. Some revisions would have to happen still. I’d nerf the damage a bit and superiority strike would just become decelerating strike since there wouldn’t be any need to cleanse distractions. So yeah. Tenontorex can be better, and Ludia for some reason still hasn’t done anything to change that.


You had me on board until you said nerf the damage some… :sweat_smile:


You don’t want a damage nerf? I’m just being realistic. I don’t want one

You know what would be cool for tenontorex? Immune to deceleration in addition to a minor health buff. That way Tenontorex could beat the 2 unique sauropods in a 1v1 matchup.


Well ya that’s why we have complained and told ludia our right this is broken is jus as broken when indo gen2 and maxima have it.

That means it doesn’t have to worry about almost anything since it could wipe the floor with is impacts and rampages

I guess. I don’t really like that tho. I’m very against giving dinos immunities that don’t make sense


It still has plenty of counters like Erlidom, faster thors, ardentis, gemini, etc. Which is fine, I think everything should have a counter in the game. I think immunity to distractions would help against everything else

Trust me, me too. But we just gotta adapt to the times I suppose. Immune to deccel would def make Tenontorex more viable. I might even put it on my team, personally.


Yeah it would really help. But this is Ludia. They’re much too focused on designing their next new broken hybrid instead of helping out the older ones.


Keep fighting the good fight

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It’s shouldn’t be good against everyone is already has good matchups between speedsters and distracters thanks to SS, chompers thanks to distracting impact and tanks thanks to DSI and DSR. The counter you speak of are either immune, bleed or just hit hard enough to be near one shot it. It already beat moth 100% of the time and indo more than 50% of the time. It beats 60% of tyrants, 56% of high apex and 76% of mid. I don’t see how this things is being ignored by ludia it’s already the second most versatile chomper in the game other than tryko and unlike tryko it gets to play offensive with its opponents instead of defensive.

If something isn’t broken the don’t fix it; and if even if you want to don’t make it something game breaking like giving a chomper immune to distraction. Tento is fine it fills it niche perfect the reason people don’t proabuse it is

A) they haven’t unlocked it or thanks to covid they can’t go to parks and farm tenato to lvl it up.

B) they have already boosted some other chomper so they don’t want to refund an place it on a new Dino

C) they just don’t want to we are entitled to make our own choices when creating teams

For example if I had the mean to unlock right now I would instantly replace Thor with it it’s better in every way except that priority move. But since I can’t unlock yet or get up to team lvl I’m stuck with Thor.

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I mean when something can beat both tryko and Thor and every other tyrannosaur chomper is not overlooked.

D. Tenontorex is under performing. I’m a former Tenontorex user. OP is a current Tenontorex user. Both of us agree it is slipping. Many that I have spoken to that use Tenontorex say that it struggles due to all the things going against it. You haven’t even unlocked it. You haven’t witnessed how poorly it does against meta relevant dinos. If most Tenontorex users agree it could use a buff, there is an issue with the dino.


How about we fix the stuff that make these dinosaurs relevant instead of trying to fix something that doesn’t need fixing.

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I would like to know what all these problems are that other don’t also face

Tenontorex does poorly against the following:

Max, Erlidom, Magna, Yoshi, Gemini, IndoG2, Indoraptor, Tryo, Spyx, and the Mammoths once they actually start being used.

It has very little teamplay potential, terrible matchups against several meta relevant dinos, and just generally being a poor team choice.

It is in dire need of some sort of buff.


So the same thing Thor,tryko and almost all other chompers are weak to