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Ludia. Stop. Seriously

Dear Ludia
I am sorry. But as a long term fan sense the game started. I am completely disgraced by your increasing dedication to nerf ways for peoples to get dino bucks in the game, such as;

  • Reducing chances for dino buck in every battle event pack (before straight up removing them)
  • Reducing the amount earned for dino buck battle event
  • Removing VIP’s players chances for custom trade from 3 to 2
  • Blocking Super Rare and Legendary MODs behind dino bucks
  • And now removing dino bucks from custom trades altogether

Seriously, stop. Look on your own websites, everyone knows you’re doing this. No one wants this to continue, can you not see that you’re driving people away from your game by doing this. And I am close to leaving with them.
Who would want to play a game thinking “oh, I wonder what they’re gonna remove now?” It is not fun, it is to good for the game. It is greedy and shameful. So please, stop your obsession with removing dino buck options. Stop being such a greedy company, and actually try helping players out instead of causing even more hassle for them.
No one wants to play a game that takes things away from them at every turn.


This forum is starting to sound like the Jurassic World Alive forum and believe me, that is not a pretty forum.


Gaming Beaver just uploaded a video saying that he’ll cancel his VIP membership. If anything’s gonna make them undrestand that this path is wrong, it’s that.


Considering how much he’s dedicated to Jurassic World The Game sense it came out. That is saying something. :frowning:


I hope they realize that they’re doing harm and stop. I want to be able to enjoy the game as there’s still plenty of stuff for me to do. I wish i’d started playing sooner.


Ludia, you have seriously screwed up this game. If it isn’t fixed, if these problems that you are creating and that are getting worse with every update aren’t a dressed, I’m canceling my VIP membership for good. Reducing the custom trades to 1, removing bucks from trades and packs, and many more things are problems that YOU are deliberately creating are harming the game and harming you. By making these changes, you will suffer for it because thousands of people are going to cancel their VIP membership and many of them will quit the game entirely. If these problems aren’t addressed, I’m going to join that bunch. I will cancel my VIP membership and if this gets worse, I will quit the game entirely and I won’t come back or reactivate my VIP until these problems are fixed. I suggest you check out this video by TheGamingBeaver:

Please fix these GOD AWFUL problems, sincerely,



And this list at the top of the thread doesn’t even include all the other little ways they are trying to squeeze us. The entire mod update is completely designed around separating players from their DBs… frequent mod events, including tournaments WAY too often, and for newly released creatures to try and induce players to spend DBs on mods. Constant stacking of overpowered mods forcing players to have to buy the better ones to match them. Adding legendary mods to game missions to force us to have to pay DBs to get them.
And then other game changes: harder PvE opponents and requiring more rounds to finish the events. Greatly shortening the free speedups so players will be more often forced to pay for them instead. Many, many retries often needed in the creation lab (again, trying to get players to pay for speedups) - it’s taken me 3 DAYS sometimes to get a legendary level 40 completed. Appears the new island will need DBs at some point to unlock fully. PvP only common dinos now, no chances to win DBs at all. It’s gotten to where we just are always wondering when the next change for the worse is going to come around the corner.


You forgot we could buy buildings without going to the store now we cant :confused:


Yeah, but that’s just an annoying change for seemingly no purposeful reason.


Pretty much i just have no idea why they did this the new Island is good for more space but other stuffs they added just ruined fun of the game

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That’s exactly what I was thinking while reading the posts of the last days.
I do no longer enjoy to participate in this forum and for this only Ludia is responsible.


Reading the posts makes me angry and very sad, both at the same time. It was always a pleasure to be in this forum. Very friendly and helpful people, I always found an answer to all questions I had.
I really love this game and it breaks my heart to see what is happening now. A lot of us care for this game. @Mary_Jo, @Sionsith and all the others spent a lot of their time to make the game and this forum fun.
Now I see all these guys go mad. Being here is now like being on a battleground and all because of silly changes.
I want to have fun with the game and NOT THIS. Ludia, this is all your fault. If you continue what you are doing now you are going to ruin this game and this community. Don’t you feel a little bit of responsibility?
@Ned, tell those people responsible what is going on here and tell them to take immediate action.


If it’s any consolation, it should quiet down in the next day with this big tournament starting. It does now make sense why they are giving us this really desirable hybrid, and starting the tournament a day earlier than normal… they had to know that there would be outrage over taking the DB trades away and shortening the free cooldowns so significantly. Like the Isla Sorna update, I’m sure they are hoping that we’ll just get distracted enough to not kind of forget about it (look… squirrel!) I don’t think we are going to be so easily appeased or forget by any means… but the discussions about it will die down a little I expect.


I’m not sure what my opinion is.
On one side I don’t want this discussions to end because everyone has justified reasons to be upset.
On the other side it frustrates me and makes me sad.
And I’m afraid that anger has reached a level that we won’t forget with a simple tournament.

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Oh we aren’t going to forget, nor should we. Just saying the conversation is likely to switch at least to some degree.

I’m still hoping that they will react if the discussion goes on, but I also know that I’m a dreamer.

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Agree with the grievances posted here; except I don’t care about the Mods… But I never liked the Mods at all, so Ludia blocking Super Rare and Legendary Mods behind a pay wall wouldn’t impact me anyway.

Bottom line is that the exploitation of the player base has to stop, Ludia is turning themselves into the new EA Sports.

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Hey everyone, firstly I would like to thank everyone for your suggestion and feedback for the update. We understand the frustration some of you have for the recent changes to the game, and our team is aware of this as well.

Please rest assured that we are listening and we hear your voices.


Thank you @Ned.
I honestly hope that your statement is more than just politicians talk. Forgive me, but I remain sceptical before I see Ludia doing something.


In all seriousness @Ned. Thank you for letting us know. I really want to believe that this means things may be changing for the better.

But actions do speak louder than words, and considering how Ludia has never told us about any of these changes to dino bucks in the past, can you really blame people for being cynical and skeptical?