Ludia stop the flashes between darts "Seizure Trigger" Lawsuit waiting to happen. No disclosure


So, today was a day that Ludia brought out their new massive update. Great work by the way however, I have a younger brother who suffers from epilepsy who absolutely loves this game. I play myself but didnt notice this new bullshit feature till it TRIGGERED A SEIZURE from my little brother. He had a 15 min or so episode before he calmed down. This is ridiculous I could be that guy and get a lawyer looking into what route we should take. Instead I am offering ludia a chance to remove this or modify in a way another child or adult wont have to go through what my brother had to today. JESUS CHRIST.

Dart light flash is an epilepsy danger?
Annoying screen flash when darting
Alright flash is painful
Flashing light when darting
The new flash when you fire a dart
Screen flashes white during hunts. Nauseating!

Hey there, Derpatops44, thanks for reporting this to us. This is an unintended bug that our development team was already aware of, and they are actively working on a fix.


Is it just my phone? Or do you guys have screen flash when throwing the darts?


Yeah, I just thought to myself thank god im not epileptic.


Same, very distracting.


YES! Very annoying!!


I’m seeing stars when looking off the screen now. :joy:


I hate it. Please fix.


This is pretty annoying indeed, need a hotfix as soon as possible.


Yea this is very annoying i mean it does not affect catching dinos but its still annoying


Yup, not a fan of it.


It’s gonna give me a seizure


The flashing is super annoying and could become a serious issue for people who suffer from epilepsy. Please remove this asap or make it optional at least. Don’t see any benefit that this adds to the game.


I agree I seems similar to the lightning in one of the lower stages but you didn’t have to look at the screen there


Get rid of this! Love the new update


On Reddit there’s a person claiming that he had a seizure and plan a lawsuit…:hushed:


I’ve only ever had it once, that was when catching the Indoraptor, I was about to shoot and then my game would just go orange and black at the bottom and move me away, however it never occured on any other dinosaur and only happened 3 time on Indoraptor.

Dart light flash is an epilepsy danger?

You are not talking about the same thing. After the update, there’s a flash whenever you release the dart.


I hadn’t noticed it before you told me. Now I also hate these flashes.


I love it. Love these effects. But hopefully not dangerous. :grimacing: