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Ludia: Stop using Arena for Tournaments!

Just like the title says, Ludia. Stop. Using. Arena. For. Tournaments.

It was exciting for the hype…the first tournament. Then the reality of trying to climb the trophy ladder sunk in, and I rightfully (only level 9 at the time) gave up and just settled for battling for incubators.

Well, now I’m level 11, I literally do not care in any way shape or form about participating in the tourney, but I’m now suffering even worse for it being in existence. I’m floating between Arenas 6 and 7, with the bulk majority of the players I’m constantly being matched with (currently, 8/10) are 2-3 levels above me. It takes usually between half an hour to an hour to get 3-4 incubators, with my trophy count only remaining roughly where it’s been for the past two weeks because wins manage to scarcely outweigh losses.

Enough. I don’t want to be forced to do daily dinosaur DNA gathering from incubators whilst constantly getting kicked in the balls by tourney fanatics desperately climbing trophies.

If the strategy is to get me to break down and buy the incubators, it’s not going to work. If the Arena incubators are any metric, the chances of getting useful stuff is poor (putting this very, very, VERY mildly), and I’m not going to actually invest money in a company that’s aware of the plethora of critical mechanical bugs in the combat system (among others…) for at least a month and still hasn’t announced any sort of progress.

Mandatory participation was one of the biggest things people were slamming you for in the first season, and if anything the second season is more cancerous to be forced to do so. You claimed you’ve made an Arena for identified spoofers (which is a joke in and of itself), then you can very well make a Tournament Arena separate from the current Arena. If you really want to go for the money, then just don’t award incubators for matchmaking wins in the Tourney Arena, simply using the trophy metric for the end of season rewards.

Where your at has nothing to do with the tournament… This is welcome to Sorna where the largest % of the player base is currently inn. Your not gonna make much progress until you level your team up,

Try to find the time of day you win more then you lose…this hold true for any game that uses a pvp ladder system… your gonna find a time where you win more often… try to battle then mostly.

Progression is Sorna is essentially… level up a few dinos, gain 100 trophies stabalize… level up a few dinos gain 100 trophies… stabalize… ect. But you will not be able to progress through Sorna without leveling your team up quite a bit.


The tournament doesn’t affect you at all unless you’re in the top 500. Everything you’re saying would still be happening whether there’s a tournament or not. Everyone is getting stronger every day.


Sorry you’re not enjoying the battles right now, but it will get better once you find a well balanced team, get better with strategy, and leveling them up never hurts either. The “Tournament” is basically just the same ladder system by another name with added rewards at the end of a season. My advice if you want to win more, get online to find out which of your dinos will make a solid team, find out what makes them “higher tier” and learn how others are using them well. Once you find your lineup, stick with it for a week or two at least to see how they work together. It’s common to get frustrated and change things up before things start clicking. Best of luck.