Ludia stop with false and misleading bundle offers!

Here we go again. Another false and misleading bundle offer!!
800% value? How? Where? Who makes the maths at Ludia?
I’ll do it for you: 30,000 gold is 4,500×3 gems = 13,500 gems.
The total value of the 2 red super chests is equivalent to 4ish red chests you can buy from the store for 3,000 gems each. So 12,000 gems.

The total value of the bundle is 12,000+13,500 = 25,500 gems.

You can buy from the store 16,000 gems for the same amount of money you’d spend for this bundle.
25,500/16,000 = 1.6

This means the value of the pack is only 160%, not 800%

Where the 800% comes from??


Also who in their right mind is spending that much money on in-game items? You can buy several full title Role Playing Games for that money or a whole load of other real world items that would provide a lot more joy and happiness for the value.

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I agree that it is a ridiculous sum, however who are you or I to judge where or how much joy someone gets from anything or it’s value to them?

I’m not talking about the amount (this is a personal matter) but about the misleading and untrue message (800%) which comes with this bundle

The idea is to generate addiction so some people will eventually spend these amounts. This is disgusting from a morale perspective , but well all the p2w games are like this now.

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Yes, yet the bundle value is false, misleading and untrue

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Is anyone actually buying these packs?

Not me for sure