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Ludia Support - Not Receiving Incubator

Has anyone had issues where a strike tower quit on them before they could win?

And if so, were you able to get anything from Ludia’s support?

I had that happen to me last week and they offered HC instead of the incubator I should have won.

They said I need to be stationary while playing Strike Tower events but I was at work in an office… just curious if anyone else has had this issue

I do strike towers all the time while in the car as a passenger as well as going between them or back to my house on the last fight. I don’t think being on the move is the issue.

That’s what they said. And I have done it moving too but it’s just concerning

I may, I’m gonna give it a few more times

Lots of people having the same issue on the rare tower today. Has nothing to do with stationary or moving. Our three accounts all counted down to zero. Luckily for us the next dino then appeared. Some people are getting timeouts and paying to redo. Some are apparently having no issue.

Just another mystery issue to go along with all the other current issues. With the frustration from the battling and then seeing the time counting down thinking I was going to lose I was about ready to take a hammer to my phone…lol glad I didn’t. Would have to invoice ludia if I did.

I had the issue, but I only experienced it in the second battle and didn’t have to retry.

They offered 200 HC for the expense I had to make for the second go around but it still makes me sore that I was going to win the incubator after the attack I set and it crashed.

I’m trying to speak to them again about it, j just wanted the incubator lol