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It’s great you all ask us about what Dino’s we would like to see. About rewards. But asking us about nerfing Dino’s is insane. Your recent in game survey on nerfing Dino’s really is funny. Since I have none of those Dino’s in my line up, of course I clicked every nerf box. I have no plan to put them in my line up. I am sure plenty of your player base base did the same for the exact same reason. As soon as you make these changes to these Dino’s, all of them I hope, there will be less counters to my line up. This I think you for.
Hopefully in the future, you actually test out your product and make wiser decisions. With the Draco nerf, again many players just quit. Yes it was annoying to play against, but it was what it was. With changes coming from this survey, I already have rumblings in my alliance of people saying good by when they happen. So instead of changes in a negative effect as you have been doing, why not positive changes and improve the counter to those Dino’s. Give to players instead of punish.

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Well, besides that the survey didn’t work for many, they didn’t ask us for a nerf, we begged Ludia for over half a year for a draco nerf.
Don’t mix up these things. It was an abomination that needed to change.


Wow, I didn’t think I would find one of those people that selfishly ruins the game for others on this forum. Phenomenal, and sad at the same time.


Those people are all around you. Crying every day for Draco nerf. Now ig2 nerf. Proc nerf. Instead of getting better playing and making the counter Dino’s they demand nerf. And the survey is pointless cause of the exact reasons I stated. Sorry but it’s true

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So you have no plan to put any of them in your line up?
You say that now but in a few months you might, and it’s actions such as yours that spoil the experience for others and ultimately yourself in the long run.

It’s for this very reason that people are saying that asking payers for their opinions is pointless.

There was no counter to the rat, and there never could have been when it had a swap in rampage. The fact that Ludia took so long to nerf a creature that was so easy to make from 2 commons is a disgrace.
One could quite easily say it was a disgrace to make it a feature in the game in the first place, and Ludia don’t want a repeat of the problems they caused by making it in the first place. And as has been said, you cannot possibly make a counter for that.


I thought about tagging you when I saw this post… but you found your way here first.

But yeah this is what I mean… your average player is gonna be self serving when filling out a survey like this.

Im all for Ludia asking us our opinions… just dont follow it as an instruction manual. Preferably testing things first but that might be alot to ask.

I remember a survey back around 1.5 about migrations and whether we wanted them or not. And ever since that survey we havent had a major migration. At the time 3 out of the 4 zones were pretty good with L3 being the worse zone by a long shot. Im guessing the majority looked at the prospect of being in an l3 and voted No to major migrations.

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I know I will get jumped on over this but I’m sick of people complaining about dinosaurs and yes draco included.

People are going to gripe no matter what. You nerf one dinosaur then they will move on to another dinosaur to nerf and then another.

There will ALWAYS be dinosaurs that are difficult to beat. Maxima is a beast for me but I don’t want them to change her. Just makes me work harder to build her and a better counter team to fight her.

Draco, yeah it sucked losing to him in the end but I really and truly didn’t care. Bc I have just as much access to build mine up and my team.

You are going to always have challenging dinosaurs. No matter what. It’s a game. You can’t win them all. Sometimes I go on a massive unbelievable losing streak and will drop 200+ trophies and yeah I get mad but it’s the game.

I’m more irritated about not knowing who I Should build/ focus on and boost bc that dinosaur might get nerfed. I stopped playing a few months back for a while after they nerfed indo gen 1. I was so tired of wasting time building only to have that dinosaur change.

So looks like Thor will be nerfed next. Then what. Maybe Tryke. I do think the ultimately will lose many people over nerfing.


Im going to go ahead and assume you have/had Rat, Procera and Indo2 on your team.

Also why would you go out of your way to try and sabotage the survey? the devs are trying to get a feel for players opinions. It would have been more helpful to the cause if you voted correctly (in whatever way you believe is fair) and not fill the results will bad data.

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I Am over 6k trophies. And in months actually a few weeks they will be worthless Dino’s. So yes definitely no reason to put them in my line up.

Yes there was a counter. Let them use it. One shot it with Thor and then have your instant and or your larger attack available. Pretty simple they get 1. I get 2

When something is an issue, you complain about it to get it resolved.
When the issue is resolved the complaining about it will cease.
Draco was only recently addressed which is why there seemed to be so much complaining.

I don’t see how that is in any way unreasonable considering forums by design are places to make opinions heard.

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Sorry, but I and every other one of those people understand game balance and when a dino is problematic. That being said, they can still remain viable.

Exactly even I, THE rat hater, took current users into account with my survey votes. I considered that a dinosaur regardless how much I hate it, needs to remain viable as to not be another Monomimus. So I personally suggested having cleanse not cleanse the lock in (why have a lock in to begin with if its removed?) as a way to stop the frustrating fights where a player just rated over and over again.

Didnt asked for any other changes regarding Draco, simple that one change as a quality of life improvement for matches.

I don’t want ANY dinosaur Monomimus’d, but I equally don’t want them defining the entire arena and team composition.

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I had a monster Draco at one time. But since boost reset I invested O.0 in it. Indo no. I don’t like the whole take a chance. Proc. Nope. I just used immunes and Dino’s with precise. Plus use boosts to out speed it. What is even funnier is my alliance had a big discussion about the server and multiple people voted exactly the same way. If Ludia is so pathetic they are going to have players decide what happens to players and whiners. Then let the real game begin.

Than I would like to personally thank you and those who did the same for sabotaging the survey.

Also given how overpowered Draco’s swap in attack was, and considering how glaringly obviously it was a balancing target, why would you invest in it? thats just unwise.

And for the record if things get worse, just know that those fake votes help skewer the results to be less accurate. Why would someone willingly sabotage the game they play?

Edit: You do realise that we have complained in the past that Ludia never listens to us, then they do a survey and players go out of their way to sabotage it? like why?

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Wish more people would ask for changes. I appreciate you did. And seeing the threads here on the forum every one should no what not to use boosts on. These are the real problems. Non spenders thinking they are actually going to compete. They are not. They may say hey I battle 50 times a day. Guess what spenders do too. Draco, like it or not was an opportunity for people to win, thankfully it is pretty useless now and soon even more. But then again the players know better then the maker

That is not the case at all. I voted for things that make me stronger. As all players did. And if you disagree, then you would never call for any nerf. You called for it cause it hurt your game play.

I think one of the reasons game changes can go so badly or not to plan is that the devs who are probably players, could be suffering from a bit of tunnel vision, a case of “Not seeing the forest through the trees” kind of thing.

But I think a chance for players to have a say in how things go in the game is something many (myself included) have asked for, for a long time. I just think its very counter productive to sabotage it as some have.

Those who know me, know I don’t even play the game anymore, but still would like to see the game improve for those who are still playing and having fun, so I used my vote to try and be as sensible as possible, taking into consideration the need to balance a dinosaur, while also keeping it viable.

That’s the grey area where players are also responsible for a lot of the mess in this game. Just because it isn’t illegal doesn’t mean its right.

But the players just do it and the answer goes to “well Ludia allowed it”.

I do think Ludia should make us sign in with email so you can’t. However, I also think players should be more responsible too.

But looking at the arena you will see how that goes with max boosting crutch dinos Thor, ig2, procerat, and before dracorat…

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@User102 Your angst is misplaced. It was a survey, not a definitive vote on changing the roadmap. It was never positioned as something where they were committing to specific changes, or a timeline, or anything like that. Just a survey. Any competent PM and dev team knows how to weigh the responses - in volume, pattern, and tone - and decide how to appropriately incorporate that feedback into their design. Ludia is indeed a competent team. They’re well aware of the selection bias present in a non-randomized poll, and probably now recognize that they have flawed data from the first point, as well as the combination of people not being able to respond, and then ballot stuffing by people who REALLY felt strongly. Plus, we’ve begged them for months to communicate more, and I think this reflects that.

If I can criticize anything about the survey (aside from the above), it’s that they were probably too specific in describing movesets. Don’t get me wrong - I love them showing their work, especially since this looks like the REAL Ludia, the one that designed a really nicely balanced game in the beginning, and went a bit off the rails earlier this year with things like the idiocy of that Dracoceratops cancer. But by being so specific, it starts to invite all sorts of questioning and angst and uncertainty for people who don’t manage their interpretation in the right way.