Ludia suspends earning cash, not tapjoy


I can’t say without a doubt, but conveniently when i attempted to earn some cash during the last day of the legendary incubator, my earning cash screen turned to “account temporarily suspended”.

I checked my pending rewards and had 2 failed. So i sent tapjoy screenshots of the completed rewards.

I waited and no response from tapjoy. Conveniently after the legendary incubator was no longer available, my account was unsuspended. Yet, still no reply from tapjoy and my failed rewards still show failed.

Why would tapjoy unsuspend earning cash on my account without clearing the failed rewards right after the legendary incubator is no longer available? Again, i can’t prove it 100%, but i don’t think it’s tapjoy suspending accounts. I think it’s another cash grab by ludia by stopping people from earning cash in hopes that they’ll panic and drop 50bucks on the legendary before it expired.

If this is true, just further highlights ludia’s shady business practices.


Im still waiting on some of these too from tapjoy. This game should still be in beta with all the issues they are having.


Ive had actions completed and awards given according to tapjoy but not actually seeing the cash appear in game. Everything about ludia and tapjoy is just to scam people out of as much money as possible. Ive tried contacting tapjoy and ludia to no avail.


Tapjoy is a fraud. I recommend that you contact your governmental agencies that can investigate consumer fraud (in the US, it’s the Federal Trade Commission), file complaints with them about Tapjoy, including screenshots. They’ll need all the proof they can add to their investigation. Then the government agencies can shut Tapjoy down for good.

Ludia isn’t totally at fault here, they might have gone with Tapjoy because they were the first outside company that wanted in on the JWA game. Just because they were the first ones interested in the game isn’t always a sign that their business practices are legal…