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Ludia take notes on this okay: how to properly balance the game in 1.11

Now as well all know basically indo gen 2 and maxima I’ve been either screwed or buff to ridiculous levels and idk …

  1. how do you like just not listen to the community’s actual request in terms of balance and game mechanics( cause honestly for the rest of the new stuff it’s awesome and what we’ve been waiting for

  2. feel that this is the direction to go.

Okay anyway let’s start with something that could work well for a Dino that is lives by all


Attack: 1,200
Speed: 106
Armor: 15%
Crit: 30%


Decelerating strike

Decelerating impact

Precise Rampage

Long invincibility


And now or I do’s more annoying and just for some reason better counterpart.

Indoraptor gen 2:

Health: 4,000
Attack: 1,400
Speed: 128
Armor: 10%
Critical chance: 5%


Cautious strike: deal 1x damage by pass armor. Reduce opponents damage by 50% for one turn. Gain 50% chance to dodge 50% of opponents damage for one turn

Cleansing ferocity: deal 1.5x damage. Cleanse. Increase attack by 50% for two turns. Cool down 2

Defense shattering rampage

Evasive stance:

Immune to distraction

And here are some balanced changes that should have happened

Hp reduced to 3,000
Attack reduced to 1,500
Speed reduced to 130

Distracting rampage become distracting impact.


  • Attack reduced to 1,400 and Health reduced to 3,600, we did this to more align with its terror bird parent*

Rampage and run becomes impact and run


  • Speed reduced to 108, Attack increased to 1,450, decelerating rampage become nullifying rampage, nullifying strike becomes superiority vulnerability, Instant distraction becomes instant pinning strike*

*Loses full immunity. Gains immune to DoT and immune to distraction

Attack increased to 1,350
Loses swap in stun for swap in prowl


  • Heath: increased to 3,500

  • attack increased to 1,350

  • speed increased to 116

  • armor increased to 15%*


Superiority strike

Stunning impact

Armor piercing rampage

Impact- and- run

Lose Swap-in rampage for swap in acute stun


  • health reduced to 3,800

  • attack increased to 1,500

  • increased speed to 129

  • loses immune to distraction for immune to deceleration; keeps immune to stuns


Cautious strike

Cleansing impact

Defense shattering pounce. Delay 1,
cool down 1

Evasive stance


  • Health: 4,800
  • Attack: 1,450
  • Speed: 126


*Decelerating shielded strike

*Slowing Impact

  • Greater stunning rampage

*Ramage and run
counter attack
Swap in acute stun


  • Health: 4,440
  • Speed: 112
  • Attack: 1,250
  • armor: 20%


Persistent ferocious strike

Defense shattering impact

Long protection


Immune to distraction

Minor rending counter attack


  • Health: 4,300
  • Attack: 1,400
  • Speed: 128


  • Superiority vulnerability

  • Defense shattering impact

  • rampage and swoop

  • instant pinning impact

Immune to swap in prevention

Swap in lethal wound

Important announcement

After months of or implementing of stat boost we have decided that the system is not right for the future, longevity, and balance of the game. Now be rest assured that we will go thru all boost purchases either thru grinding or money purchase and they will be refunded as either in game bucks or if a large amount of money was spent will be refunded. We are sad that the system didn’t work but we believe this is the best way to bring proper balance and fun to the game. In addition to that matchmaking will now be trophy and deck based meaning we will round ur opponents according to the deck you receive in that match.

From @ ludia


This is a better balancing set than what we got. Tho i would argue that Indo G2 should have different immunities. Preferably just immune to distraction.

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Edit: it’s fixed :slightly_smiling_face:

See now this is how it’s done

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Seems reasonable, and that Draco looks like a good field fighter. Would have probably satisfied some of the people who will be angry about wasting boosts on draco, and wouldn’t make it the sniper it is today that causes many to be angry at it.


Lo ya like dinos in the game should be

I like this. Only thing I don’t agree with is gemini. It’s one of the hardest uniques to create and you hard nerf it instead of simply removing immunity?

Way batter then ludia “balance” for sure :grin:
For indo g2 all it needs its a cs nerf by that i mean remove 2 effects from it i dont care wich ones and remove 1 immunity from him i would chose immunity to distraction removed
Imdo g1 remove immunity to stun
Maxima nerf 300hp and give it definite rampage back
Draco i disagree on that one buddy :grin: its a legendary made with 2 commons so lets balance that thing acordingly
HP 3600
Atk 1000
Armor 10%
Speed 109

Decelerating strike
Stuning impact
Dig in

Swap in stuning strike
Not thats a balanced RAT

Lol I gave it superiority vulnerability and null rampage with 1,200 attack and it’s immune to DoT and decelerating I think that pretty good plus it has instant pinning so you can make sure dinos can’t Escape

you actually said it lossed immune to DoT and decel. Might want to change the wording then.

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Lol I think indo is fine plus I took away immune To distraction for immune to decel

I don’t know definite seems to strong for a herbivore I mean remember stegogod and how how it destroy everything with APR so ya don’t want that again all it needs is something to go against dodges and speedsters plus long invincibility helps again erlidom do you don’t have to just guess you can use it go for rampage then kill it

But ya I could see how you were confused sorry about that but now she’s is a monster that can tear thru dodgers

I agree with indoraptor and draco rework, kinda with indo gen2 since i want It to keep mutual fury and the 2 immunities(otherwise a very good rework). Don’t agree with procera(should keep distracting rampage and 131 speed, phorusaura(it’s fine as It is now, doesn’t need a nerf), Gemini (I like the moves as they are, and i think you went overboard with this attack nerf, also gemini should have a swap in ability imo), Ardentismaxima ( i like the stats, but It MUST keep definitive rampage! And instant invincibility is more useful imo).

#Don’t take away definitive rampage from Maxima @Ludia_Developers !


#Don’t take away definitive rampage from Maxima @Ludia_Developers !


#Don’t take away definite rampage from Maxima @Ludia_Developers !


That huge geminititan nerf is a no from me.

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I like what you did with draccorat. That would be a lot better and still useable.


#Don’t take away definitive rampage from Maxima @Ludia_Developers !

100% agree with this.


And like a Dino it doesn’t punch and run like the wimp it is now