Ludia tampering with %’s?

Anyone else notice their 75% stuns don’t feel like they stun nearly as much as they used to? Or that even Thor doesn’t crit as much as he used to? Or is that just me?


Hmm, Stuns seem to be landing more, both mine and opponents. Crits seem to happen less. I don’t know tho, might do some more battles.

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Stuns seems about the same.
I’m seeing a LOT more crits since update.

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My stuns fail more compared to my opponents! :roll_eyes:


definately missing alot more stuns lately.


Monostego missed 5 stuns in about 7 battles today. Yes, I feel like something changed.


Spinotasuchus’ critical hit does not seem to work nearly as much as it should for a 60% chance… Thor either seems to crit every time, or never - but rarely a mix. Tryko’s counter attack seems to crit me every time.

Nothing makes much sense - never has, and likely never will…

In regards to the original post, utarinex’s stuns seem to land less, but everything else seems the same to me.


Ya!!! I’ve noticed the drop in crit from Spinotasuchus too!!


all I know is I’ve used critical impact on my spinotahraptor 17 times and not a single critical, yet with utahraptor/utasinoraptor I get criticals most of the time.


Prob just a coincidence, but the last 5 GSR have failed to stun for me.


Could they really be reigning in the berserk rngeezus in the game code!?

Yeah the amount of time spinotah has crit of critical impact seems to be much lower then the % is. Meanwhile tragod seems to crit more for me then any other dino on my team except for thor

Stuns are definitely not working as they should. Even the sino from the strike event earlier this week couldn’t land one. That, to me, seems the most convincing evidence when bots don’t stun. On a side note, my utahsino seems to be criting all of the time compared to never with impact.

The whole game is broken.

Matchmaking? Horrible.

Stuns? Useless. It doesn’t matter if you have a 5% chance or a 75% chance at stun, you either almost never can stun or you or your opponent stun all of the time. There is almost no happy balance and they absolutely do not match what the character is capable of doing for stuns.

If I have a 5% chance at stun how on Earth should I or anyone else be able to land it 100% of the time? You shouldn’t. It goes against the percentage and the odds.

Crits? Read what I wrote for stuns but replace stun with crit.

I don’t care how many battles I’m in, I always see the same few dinos being used. There is very little diversity. This usually means if there are over 100 dinos in the game, while some may be useless, if I see the same 5-10 dinos being used across the board, those dinos are generally over powered.

With so many dinos in the game you’d think there would be more user diversity but there simply isn’t.

People need to understand much of what is happening is by design to make more money.

People are more likely to spend money if they feel it’ll help their odds. Even if it actually doesn’t. This is one of those games.

That’s why I see people using many of the same dinos.

Because in their battles those dinos kept easily over powering the dinos they had, so they decided to use that Dino to help them in battle in the hopes they have that same luck with them.

That’s why some of these things don’t get fixes. Because why should they fix something if people keep spending money on it?

They’ll throw out a few new dinos, make some new events, add a few new features. But they don’t seem to actually be fixing the problems.

And that likely won’t change because it’s not about your happiness with the game, it’s about what fools keep throwing money at it in hopes that money will get them better dinos to fix the problems.

The problem is the problem lies in the coding and no amount of money will change that. They have to be willing to change that. Until they are willing to, nothing will change. That’s a Ludia problem that they have to be willing to fix and throwing money at dinos won’t solve that.

Until they are forced to actually fix the issues rather than barely touch them, just expect more of the same problems to continue. I’ve stopped spending money on a game that’s this broken. Besides, I’m not gonna spend more money on this game than I would a console game.

It’s a money pit that’s simply not worth it.

I made a post about stuns feeling off during the last week of the tourny. Stuns for me and my opponent were failing left and right and i fell from above 4750 to 4500 and couldnt get back, at least until after the tourny ended. Of course some mod felt it was appropriate to merge it into the stop rng now thread even though that had nothing to do with what i was trying to say.

I get hit with crits from Thor constantly but I have definitely noticed a dramatic decrease in how many of my stuns land. 50% if I’m lucky. I don’t even expect stuns to land anymore.

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I just had thor wipe my team with 4 crits in a row.

Feels normal to me

I’m watching ancient aliens too

before the 1.6 i got thora and i was happy about it because the crits, but since then for me, the thora it’s like a triostronix i barely land a critical.