Ludia tampering with %’s?

Might wanna have a sit down with your thor then… thors crits are one of the more consistent things for me. To the point i feel its more likely for me to land a 40% crit then it is to land a 75% stun off of thors instant charge.

Ok, it’s not even an opinion anymore. I just had THREE 75% stuns FAIL in 1 single match. Ludia has definitely tampered with the percentages.

Second battle: 2 out of 3 attempted stuns failed.

My rinex failed to stun and ive noticed other not stunning as often.
I found before last patch evasive worked way too much as if that was 75% and now its back to 50/50. I must of played 70-80 games where dodges happened 6-7 straight on multiple occasions (both mine and theirs) but now it doesnt happen half as often.

But i find stuns work but 75% of the time. Tryo always crits and so does thor. But then ive seen alot more epics recently too soo who knows ha

Third battle: Again, 2 out of 3 attempted stuns fail.

These are not 75% chance stuns anymore. This is the equivalent of what Stegoceratops’ 33% chance stun was.

My dilo has not landed a stun in 11 straight attempts. Feels like something has changed.

I feel that the evasive it’s working great, i evade more than before with the Indo and stuns are working for me, but the crits meeeh

You might have been put on the bad end of the RNG compensation mechanics. It has been proven that the RNG in JWA works in streaks, as is when you hit the jackpots (or fail) them more than the average, the system aggressively compensates it back to the median, taking standard deviation into account.

I have been getting a lot of dodge streaks and 5% crits, as well as most stuns of mine locking into place at the start of the patch. Now I am as well on the aggressive compensation end, I keep failing 7 dodges in a row (running 4 dodgers), not landing crits or stuns and being crited all the time.

It’s just the standard, whacky RNG of Ludia. They don’t have a proper true RNG code.

I would agree with that sentiment, if I wasn’t the only one I know of going through similar situations. It’s been an ongoing topic in our alliance that stuns have been more botchy post 1.6

Could be a coincidence, that multiple people are being on the enforcer end of RNG.

But if you could actually gather data on it for multiple people for a few weeks, imo that is a semi-reliable data pool.

I just think it is too soon to jump the gun about % chance changes.

With over a dozen accounts coming from players who typically do 30+ battles a day, I wouldn’t call that a coincidence.

Well, let’s say you have 15 accounts (over a dozen) with 35 battles / day. That is 525 battles a day.

Now, as far as statistics go, hitting a big number would be ideal to draw conclusions. I’d say 3000-5000 battles.

I am not saying you can’t be right, you probably are, but I haven’t seen such a drastic change and seeing the replies, I am not the only one. So, it seems from that (to me anyway) that this simply could be just the extreme ends of the standard deviation for you and your pals.

That is why it would be pretty nice if we got a data pool on the matter.

(If you plan to make one, I am more than happy to help with my battle data as well)

My Dilo stun fails whenever I need it (battle decider) and my Thor which I have enjoyed so much with its Crits, seems to hardly crit despite having 40% chance after the patch. Something is off…

Stuns aren’t too different for me, but criticals? I feel as though that’s definitely been lowered. I was wondering the same thing.

Stuns, crits, cloak and evade fails me 75% of the time in battle. Ludia needs to have a mathematician on their payroll coz the percentage they’re using is off. I have a level 25 indo being beaten by a lower level indo while in evade mode and this has happened a lot of times. Get the math right Ludia!!

If the game is so horrible why are you still playing it :thinking:…to complain how bad it is… Food for thought perhaps present a solution instead of being so negative

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Also why would Ludia tamper with percentages what gain do they have to do that… I believe the problem is an understanding of pesentages… Perhaps do not rely solely on the numbers game and develop skills with applying a working team that has another Dino to pull in when the percentages are not in your favor

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Yeah , @Marktheshark you need to develop skills. Thats the real problem here… youve gotten to complacent being the top player for to long and haven’t been devoloping your 75% stun skills enough.


Yep, what do I know :man_shrugging:t2: