Ludia, thank you!

I just wanted to say thank you to Ludia for the awesome dart offer that we can buy twice (100 coins for 350 darts) aswell as adding the giga scent to the free incubator so we don’t have to go out to hunt Dinos and then get infected by the CoronaVirus. I was a bit disappointed that we can only buy the dart offer twice but that’s totally fine and I understand why you can only buy it twice. I was wondering if I can make a small suggestion, can you please keep the Giga Scent in the free incubator? The reason why I want to make this suggestion is because some of us would love to have a scent that can run for 3 hours if we cannot find anything to dart and avoid having to spend thousands of HC just for those 5-20 minute scents just because we cannot find anything to dart and how we want to help our alliance with the exploration alliance missions.
That’s all I have to say Ludia, thanks for this wonderful Idea and to you JWA players, stay safe playing the game and good luck!