Ludia Thanks for the Treasure Boxes


Kudos. We collectively griped about the free to play coin shortage and you created treasure boxes.

Any player above level 10 is always debating about which dino to level up with their limited amount of coins.

This afternoon I hunted treasure boxes until the last one gave me 882 coins instead of 2500. I started the day with around 2000 coins and at 4 pm I had around 30,000 from treasure boxes, spins, free incubators and battle incubators. The game said I had reached the daily coin limit.

Then tonight I had to make a walmart run and once in the store I opened JWA and there were 12 Lythronax in walmart so I darted them all which wiped out my dart supply. Apparently Lythronax need back to school supplies. Walked to the front of the store where there was a drop and a treasure box for more darts and along with darts there were coins. And the Treasure box gave me 2500 coins. But I hit the daily limit 5 hours ago? I am not complaining about how you calculate days or maybe your midnight is my 8 pm? On the way home I stopped at treasure boxes and drops until the last box gave me 20 coins.

I now have 56,417 coins.

Thank You.


Clap clap
Thanks Ludia.


Limit resets at 2 AM where I live, which is 0 UTC and 8 p.m EDT