Ludia thanks for this tip!

Like really? How does that help me? Lol


That’s what I’ve been doing wrong! I win 2 then quit. No wonder I’m losing trophies.


In fairness, with this game and these absurd boosts, chances are you’ll lose trophies no matter what you do. Heck, I TWICE lost trophies in the past WITHOUT EVEN BATTLING. I was on the map and got the modal “Opponent Won!,” along with the seemingly requisite >40 points lost in battles where you’re actually outmatched.

(it was likely a notification from a match I was told I timed-out on, and/or where I canceled in the “Searching…” screen and it brought my UI back to the Battle tab, but my account was battling on the server. Either way, it’s a terrible sort of bug).

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In case you forgot how many you needed to kill …?? :joy::joy:


I actually didn’t get that in my first day and lost a battle because I didn’t swap when my third dino was about to die, thinking I could send the fourth.

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“Losing too often? Go out hunting and collect more DNA!” (Or words to that effect - someone will correct me) is my favourite… :roll_eyes::joy:

#redundant advice

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This one’s the most outdated. Should now read: “Losing too often? Buy MOAR boosts!!”"


Sometimes I see this message instead of the actual



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