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Ludia - The Bank Funding Both Sides of Battles

Who makes out when countries go to war? The central banks. They fund both sides and are never looked at as the “enemy” as they are not actively killing anyone yet the money they loan (for a price) to both parties is used to build weapons that kill a lot of people and win a war.

Who makes out when we go to battle here in JWA? Well Ludia. We hate the feeling of loosing and in order to win, Ludia funds us with boosts (at a cost) in order to power up our teams to win. Ludia is not considered the “enemy” because they are not actively battling us. They play off our desire to “win” and make off like bandits with real money.

Ludia has quite a “game” going on players. They created this game to pit players against each other and help both parties to beat each other for a price. Knowledge is power here. If you know what the game is, you can defeat the real enemy here. Oh, I’m not saying Ludia is the enemy. I’m referring to yourself. Ludia is just capitalizing off your human nature. Defeating yourself (your nature) and Ludia looses because you won’t be spending real money for in game cash to buy boosts for something that has no importance to real life.

I do consider the addition of boosts for Ludia to “boost” profits as banks that fund both sides of a war to profit off interest from the loans. They gave us boosts to start out to create monsters and then sold us boosts to be able to defeat each others monsters. That’s quite a game Ludia has going.

I’m an FLP a Free Loading Player, a winner of Ludia’s game. Don’t think I don’t feel the pressure to do one of two things. One, fight hard to build up a team to defeat other players to the point of spending money to be able to boost them up to no end OR just quit here and now. That’s the intent here. Make the game so you need to keep buying boost to make playing more winnable or if you don’t spend the money, it’s futile which pressures none paying players to get frustrated and quit.

I like the game over all but I have to keep my composure and my sense. I win each time I defeat another player and I win in that I don’t allow myself to give in the boosting pressure (Ludia’s game).

The problem for Ludia is they wouldn’t want to just kick all FLP’s like me in that there won’t be enough players to battle each other and they would have to institute IA’s for all playing ranges. That defeats the purpose of pressuring players to buy boosts. They let anyone play for free in hopes they either sign up for VIP or even if they don’t, they give in to buying the in game purchases such as cash for boosts. It’s a business strategy that seems to work. I did the VIP for 3 months and dropped it because of the constant disconnects and other functional problems… not the balance issues. It’s just a game. Ludia is the dungeon master. If the dungeon master throws something in the game that kills the fun, I don’t have to play or in this case the upper arena PvP part of the game.

So what I do is to work within the boundaries of the game and play at a level that works for me. Wining is to defeat another player which anyone can do at any level. But I’ve also beat Ludia at their game. When I decide to stop playing it will just be because I’m just burned out with it as other games. As of now I’m still collecting DNA and working on some Unique’s. I have everything else.


I agree with what you are saying, and I feel the same way. I have kept my self from using any boosts but kept fighting time to time. I’m still at a lower pre 2 lege. team, but there are only a feu boosters, after falling some 300 ranks. That Ludia have pitted the players against each other I think is even more clear if you also consider that no (re-) placement system was used. Really making sure that we felt the power shift in every loss we did not spend.
I hope the game is sold to be revived by some other comp. I dont trust Ludia with more then the 20 SKr(~2$) I gave them. And the more of my day routin.