Ludia the kings of misleading


Find up to 4 treasure chests on the map! Unfortunately you can only collect one! So why even bother with the statement about 4!


They disappear once you have grabbed one and respawn after I think 6 hours so you can only grab 4 in a 24 hour period although this does mean you probably need to stay awake for 24 hours to get them all


It’s meant to get you out and walking to locate four different ones.


Again what is the point! Once you tap one the other ones disappear


I enjoyed the first iteration of this event, where you can collect from as many as your coin limit allowed.


For me they spawn at 3pm 9pm 3am 9am.

Get first at 5 minutes before 9pm.
Get second after 9pm spawn.
Sleep for 11 hours and 45 mins. Possibly :sleeping:
Get Third 5 minutes before 9am.
Get fourth after 9am.


they reappear, elsewhere.


Exactly and appear somewhere else. Get out there and find them, as the game intends you too.


Well since there are none in a 5 mile radius your wrong


just how big do you think the world is, rolybert?


They reappear once every 6 hours, so to get all four, you either have no life, or you really need a job.

I liked it better when they first introduced the treasure chase. You’d open a box, then have to hunt the others down. There was no 6 hour gap before the next appeared randomly.


5 miles in diameter


Lame ass pretend event


You could only allowed to get one chest in every 6 hours.

@Dalek62771 That’s why I always only get 3 chests.:sweat:
There will be one chest always spawn at midnight, so I’ve not able to collect.


I only ever manage 1. 2, if I’m lucky.


I can’t find a 4th one this time and it’s making me wonder if it’s glitching again like last week. I was only able to get the 4th one last week and missed out on a bunch of coins.


I had the same problem than you last time (I only saw 2) but it’s not the case anymore. I was able to collect all of them and I see the last one I’m going to collect later (a little more than 4 hours left)


I can’t see fourth today also. Normally it’s my first that glitches. Still over 4 hours to try and look for it but experience tells me it’s a waste of time.


This caught me out several times; for me the fourth spawns in smaller numbers and always further away from my location than the map can pick up on. Just now about a mile from the office it popped up on the map but that wasn’t the direction I wanted to head in so assumed I would find another. No luck. So that’s one in the entire town when there was probably the 6 or so of the first one. May go and get it later.


Got the four of them but only cos I was up at half 7