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Ludia, the lack of green towers will end the few players left, do something!

If that’s literally by your house and you’re complaining about “only having 8 green spawns” you’re spoiled, dude. I’m lucky if I get 1 by my house or 2 jobs. And I work in pretty populated areas.


Its 150 meters away. Cold here. Have to drive and sit in my car…:slight_smile:

Ugh you’re so lucky! I have 1 by my house IF IM LUCKY! And the Dino spawns have been awful lately! That’s actually why I came on here, to make a post about it. Haha


Yes, please fix this, it’s impossible to get all the event dinos. I’m pretty close to quitting too. Caught like 5 Echos and 2 rhino after two hours in the car. I can’t even get the sanctuary items. They could just spawn green supply drops completely randomly and it would still be better than whatever we have now. I just want to be VIP again but these map “improvements” are endless. I even live next to some parks and they removed green drops from those too.


Hahaha, almost.
That’s why I prefer smiles per gallon.
Actually was getting 9.5 liters per 100km new, added more power goodies, getting about 20 liters per 100km… But it’s so much more fun.

They want snap shot .no gree by my subdivision. But went down freeway 9 in a row in freeway…cant get screen shot going 70mph.

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