Ludia this is for you <3

Ludia dont be YU GI OH with this game, I will explain why. YUGIOH ruined itself by adding to powerfull cards and new mechanics in the game and making a game of strategies become a " Dont let your opponent play" and hard to understand for the beginners. The CEO of that game say “we ruined the game” and now they are trying to go back to it origins. This game is taking the same way, broken dinosaurs, making it better and better, broken moves, broken counters when changes, etc. you are making broken dinosaurs. Old dinos cant fight with those, you dont need to make broken dinos, you need to make similars dinos and following the concep that you put (fierce, tank, evasive) you dont need to created a tyronsaurus rex tank evasive that can kill all 3 categories. Other IMPORTANT fact that is destroying the game is the leadersboard, not the name of the ones who are first, but the dinosaurs they use and stats they are using, people only follow those list and that eliminated the strategic part of the game, we will have to know which dino and how improve their stats. To avoid people’s complain because they will say “I dont know which dino I have to use and working on it, or Im afraid of a nerf” you can put in the game the stadistic of each dino, the ones that are locked, so people will see which dino like most in base of the statistics and working on it, and it will wondering how to use the boost, we already have that in the field guide app but putting that in the game and removing the dinos in the leaderboard will make a strategic game again. Thats my humble opinion (I know, You dont ask lol). But please dont make the same mistakes that YUGIOH did.


This is an excellent post and makes some really good points.

I doubt very much Ludia will take much if any notice but it’s so obvious what’s happening. This has been the way of it for a few months now - actually since the introduction of the new fusable apex.

The class system is broken and is made even worse when Thor is given a cleansing move. Utter nonsense to do this and equally as nonsensical is the whole way such powerful new creatures are released every patch. This creates the power creep we all keep saying is going to ruin the game. Only a very small % of players can keep up with this and yet it gets worse and worse.

Ludia think we will all lose half our boosts and trade them in when each new must have Dino is launched. This isn’t the case at all. The majority of players just give up on pvp and build tourney teams.

I really think that the Ludia need to look at the way the game is going and ask themselves where it might be in the months ahead. Four years is a good innings for a mobile game but if they want it to hit 5, 6 or more something needs to give.

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