Ludia, this is getting ridiculous. And it isn't even your fault this time!

I can’t believe this happened. I was in the arena battling for my dailies, and I probably would’ve lost if this guy just hadn’t given up! Look at how bad a shape my team was in! All they had to do was take down my Carnotaurkus, and they probably would’ve won!

But instead, they simply gave up and started switching out over and over. Didn’t even put up a fight…

Are you mad that they gave up?
I mean it’s a win

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ah bots, I always save the big move for when they swap to the lower hp one


I’m mad because they didn’t put up a fight. And they clearly should’ve won that match.

But I mean it’s still a win
But ya, you shouldn’t of but you still did

That’s a bot fight! You can tell because they’ll swap out their last two dinos over and over without attacking, and they don’t show on your list of recent opponents. They can be tough to beat sometimes, though.

Bots don’t do that anymore, though. I won against one, and it didn’t switch over and over.

They absolutely still do. Sometimes they don’t for some reason, but I’ve fought plenty that still swap out over and over.


Ya, still happens in my bot fights but not as frequent

Well I haven’t seen it from the ai since I came back, so I assumed they made to where the ai doesn’t do that anymote.

They said they fixed the last dino swapping in some patch notes but the AI absolutely still does it.