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Ludia told us to find Grypos, but where are they?


I started to discover where this grypos are since told we could find it in the wild…

I did find some for 2-3 days…and darted like 500 grypo dnas…But I couldn’t see any after that…

Pls increase the spawn of gryposuchus or stop giving us direction to fuse…

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That was an event that lasted a week or so. Now the ingredients for allosino are in the wild. This week is allosaurus and next week is sinocera I believe.


the more the better…anything in gold in good!

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Ha! I saw two the entire week. I suppose they didn’t lie since I’ve only ever seen 3 or 4 before. Thanks, Ludia, I guess…?


instead of grypo i found several Trex this week…so did they make a mistake? forgot to put in some golden crocodile?


That was last weeks event… thor event started this week why their are allosaurs everywhere… next week should be tarbo. Followed by sino


I think I only saw one the entire time…and it was a great distance away behind a strike event so I couldn’t check without opening the tower. Not holding my breath for better luck with sino. :woman_shrugging:


Lol. Me too the t rex and her gen 2 spawn more frequenyly


I only managed to catch 3 Gryposuchus during the ‘increased spawn event’ and I searched lots. It’s really frustrating because mine is nearly L20 and for a couple of months I’ve been wanting to grind out Grypolyth. But not like this Gryposuchus is such a bottleneck. What I don’t understand is that they dish out Secodontosaurus (which is actually useless right now and has no hybrids) more regularly in incubators and events than Gryposuchus which is in far higher demand and has a hybrid. #DistributionFail @Ludia


in your wallet

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