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Ludia Tourney standard lvl 26 is a fail. Its random

Please restart and fix your tourney.

Was it supposed to be at lvl 26 for every dino? Not sure. :sweat_smile:

Can you actually do anything right hahaha


Hey everyone, thank you for reporting this. Our team has been made aware, and they’re currently investigating.

I said all I gotta say. You advertised as “speedtie tournament” since the beginning and now we have a wallet tournament.


tl;dr incase Ludia themselves don’t know what’s going on

Your tournament is not as advertised!

I consumed my pre workout and pumped up my thumb. and now?

Could you at least say something? No need to fix, or compensate or whatever, just say something even just a ‘I don’t care’ and go back to your Friday party?


I use my index finger.

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Let’s see… They can fail. They can epic fail. They can extraordinary fail… No, nothing normal, only fails. :tipping_hand_man:


Dont worry folks, I’m sure they’ll distract us with an extra boost sale soon!!!


i used 400 coins to enter the tournament but its not as advertised!! i demand 400k coins for my troubles!!


I had no interest in even joining the tournament, but yet again more mistakes. Seriously Ludia pay attention to what you are doing, you are a huge embarrassment right now.


oh they wont forget to put out the boosts sale tommorow though.


I and some others from my alliance went to try the tournament, we got kind of surprised that it cost 400 coins to entry and not what they originally said. Also levels were supposed to be set to 26, but that’s not the case either. Boosts were supposed to be disabled, but seems like they are allowed.

I will take a non 26 defaulted level tournament any day over speedties gallore and headaches over who is closer to the servers…Also stop calling speedties tournaments skill based xD that just makes no sense!

This tournament is awesome. It’s fun and unpredictable. Please don’t change anything.

Trust me they will fix this. They cant have a boost tourney without selling boosts first. I mean they cant get a tournament right now. And they only have about 4 hours before they call it a weekend and go home and laugh at all of us


It’s easier for them to put boosts for sale than to fix this… I don’t think it will be fixed. People are already playing it… What will probably happen is that they will do the announced tournament next week.

EDIT: Wow, they actually changed it

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but I’m reporting it just in case.

The tournament is suppose to be an all skill tournament, but all the creatures are not at level 26 and boosts are enabled.

They messed up. At least it was paid in coins instead of HC.