Ludia unless if you are going to reduce erlidom’s HP to 3040 I cannot forgive you for that quetzorion nerf

When looking at the patch notes for 1.13, you may have noticed that quetzorion has gotten it’s ATK nerfed from 1650 to 1520 and also realizing that erlidominus didn’t get a HP nerf. Due to this Quetzorion can no longer 1 shot erlidominus with null rampage anymore. Ludia, us players are really bummed out because of this, since Quetzorion is the one creature that can take out erlidom without taking any damage. So please Ludia, in the 1.14 patch, give quetzorion the ability to 1 shot erlidominus again and if you still feel like it’s too op, reduce the HP to 3600.

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