Ludia, use common sense


People complain they don’t have enough green supply drops… so you’re covering even more green supply drops with strike towers…
Surely, you’re a big company, you can’t be this short sighted…

Think of paying players for once!!


My local park has 20 green supply drops (normally)

6 have been taken over by strike towers
(So that means 14 green overall)

4 green supply drops have no dinosaur

I only want 1 specific Dino from these 4…

Out of what SHOULD have been 20 full green drops, I’ve got 2 of what I want…

It’s just a shambles


Treasure chests steal supply drops locations. But once done they revert to supply drops. So it must be individual to player. I got a treasure chest in a park. When I opened it, it became an event drop with event dino instantaneously.

Once a strike tower is done revert it. Could change it to an event drop until the player has reached max attempts. Then normal supply drop.


They just can’t make any event or feature without fails. Everything they do is with stupid and foolish fails.


It’s like “How about to erase all supply drops/parks? Maybe then people could buy even more incubators?”

After they’ve erased 90% event drops in my neighborhood (a whole park is gone), I’ve to drive 20km to get those event dinos. End even then I can’t get them because 20% drops are empty. And no, I can’t use 8h/day chasing 48 Gallimimus. It’s not funny anymore. Because of that I’ve just canceled my VIP. I’ll see how long can I stay in this game…


Ours they have taken away a bunch too…Whats with the green SD stops with no dinos? I see alot of those…out of the remaining 7, only 1 is the dino im looking for…cant they atleast give a more balanced amt? I had to go across the city to find a Dilophosaurus yesterday cuz there were none in the parks nearby


Look at this bad thing*. My town has only 5 green drops. At least I can choose which dino I want… oh wait… no I can’t!!!

*edited from non PC to PC language


Any chance of one of the moderators seeing this and actually using these forums to make changes that paying people are asking for ?