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Ludia, we may say goodbye much sooner than planned


If you nerf Rinex, it will most likely be the end of the road for me. I have invested 8 hours or more every single day for the last four months, on top of entirely too much money…to get my team to where it is. And this will be I don’t even know how many dinos because I’ve lost count, that I’ve dumped precious DNA and coins into, that you’ve nerfed. No one has even been crying about Rinex. It’s actually a very well balanced unique. Why are you going to ruin it? And I don’t care what you do to compensate, it will not be enough. If you want to delay rampage moves on lower tier dinos, fine. But a unique deserves a unique moveset. Why do same moves have to be identical on every dino? For instance… Spinotasuchus could have had Lethal Wound exactly as it was, and only changed the cooldown for Suchotator. A rare and a legendary shouldn’t have an identical move, even if it’s the same move, if that makes sense. You are alienating your playerbase, infuriating us more and more tih each and every nerf. Are you trying to cause your own game to implode?? Is that your goal here?

This is my team after only four months playing, if that tells you anything about how much time and resources I’ve dumped into it. I am a VIP player from day 1. Lately I consider letting it expire more and more, and now with this new nerf on the horizon, I consider leaving the game entirely. And if I feel that way after four months, imagine how the players who have played from launch feel. You’re digging your own grave.

Consider yourselves warned…many times over…for months now…if you choose to continue to ignore and disrespect your paying players, then you’ll have to lie in the bed you’re making.


My VIP from day 1 is already cancelled. I just got tired of the no explanation on why certain bugs have been unaddressed for many many months


We’re did you hear that Utarinex is going to be nerfed? Great team, by the way!

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It is a bad deal to let Tyrannosauruslex go, Ludia!!




They’re not. Her choice like anyone elses.

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The Alliance helps, but her team wasn’t built by an alliance.


You’re right. That’s why I didn’t put angry faces :blush:

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Hey nerf utarinex? how is possible?


Its not even official yet? Descriptions have changed a lot of times in the past, they don’t always stick. Then they say some dino got loose in the office and nothing changes.

Wasn’t the first SS description the only one that ever became real?

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No, bleed damage prior to 1.4 was also changed in description before a patch… this is they way ludia announces changes.

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How do you guys know about these incoming nerfs?

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lol…I do…thanks


Yeah but I have seen many times where the description of an ability was changed. Then Ludia said sorry we dont why this changed, then changed it back to what it was.

Just trying to stay positive, I have a lot of time and coin invested in my Utarinex as well.

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There are to many other changes for this one to be an accident…

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it’s already nerf, you can look at the skill of the utahrinex now
the 3rd skill is already nerf by delaying


Ludia: “we can’t fix the bugs we’ve known about for many, many, maaaaany months…but we can sure nerf a dino weeks after the update that made it awesome!” (Regarding Spinotasuchus)

Priorities, Ludia, priorities.


Utarinex isnt even the hardest hit by this… look a poor pyrritator unless he is getting a kit change he gets to be the only raptor that deals 1x damage on turn 1.

But i also agree with the op… our best bet at preventing this change is doing exactly this… letting the devs know vocally… and if that doesnt work… with our wallets…


He doesn’t even have an IC move to help it. It’ll get one shotted all over the place.


Typo or misleading text won’t affect how those moves really do.

But we had seem bleeding & superiority changed their description several weeks before it actually changed.
So in this case, I’ll believe Dracorex gen2 & Utarinex will certainly been nerfed in next patch, and superiority strike buff, if they don’t change their mind.