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Ludia, we want to help fix Warriors of Waterdeep!

Whelp, despite the last update crushing my hopes of making progress in this game, I keep coming back to it anyway - so I am hoping this thread can be a collection of positive suggestions for the developers, with the intent to balance out the fun of the game with the economy. For the record, my usual pattern for ftp games is to work hard to maximize what I can get playing for free, then drop 5-10 bucks every couple of months to buy cool or exclusive things as they come up.

My suggestions so far:

  1. Bring back the, “take reward, or keep going” choice after each boss fight, but keep the bosses every 5 fights. I like seeing different enemies in each room and enjoy the boss getting harder each time, but want to be able to choose how far i want to go each time I open a dungeon and like the tension of deciding if I can survive the next round or not based on how beat up my characters are after a boss fight.
  2. Keep the entry fee for challenges, but bring back the timed chests for completion… even if you have to nerf/balance how much treasure comes out of them. Maintaining a slate of chests to open was a major motivator to keep coming back to the game, and now I find I am just waiting to open my free chest instead of playing.
  3. Keep the dice mechanic, and use it for the secret rooms - I think it would be awesome if you got a dice from each mini-boss you killed (by which I mean the monsters who appear with the little crown over their heads in regular rooms), and then got to cash them in if you found a secret room before completing the dungeon. I like the idea of a random choice of reward where you can boost your odds by winning more, and any chance to use D&D dice in the game is great.
  4. Have a greater variety of special offers I can buy for cash, with a range of costs - I am not interested in that one 27 dollar offer that keeps appearing, but would likely spend 5-10 dollars on something, and especially so if the offer was cooler than just another chest/amount of gold/gems.
  5. Rebalance character leveling between XP from fights and from leveling equipment - it is just plain disheartening to see 50 experience out of 27,000.
  6. Finally (for now) - build in some kind of head to head challenge against other players my level! Optimizing my team and equipment to play against other people would be a huge motivator for me.

Thanks for reading, and I hope more suggestions will come in this thread!


Balance PVP. Why do I have to fight Level 11 Charakters (besides, how did the player achieve that) as Level 5? Thats Not even a tough challenge, that ist impossible…