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Ludia, we've noticed

We’ve noticed the severe decrease in certain dino spawns. I used to see several t Rex a day, granted I spent 8 hours playing and travelled great distances to find them, but I found them. Now I play the same time and distances and I’m lucky if I see one every few days. Same with Sinoceratops. Everyone else has noticed the decrease too.

We’ve also noticed the fuse nerf. I used to have decent luck with fusing. Sure I had an occasional session, or dino, or day where my fuses we’re crappy. But overall it was decent. Since 1.5 my fuses are 90% 10s and some 20s and one or two 30s, and that’s as a whole since 1.5. One or two 30s. When I’m fusing a unique like Tryko that takes 200 Rex DNA, 10s should be ILLEGAL, let alone just about all I get. Everyone I’ve spoken to has noticed the same.

We see what you did, and what you’re doing. Fix it before you lose players, including us who pay.


Pfft… as if they care - never have, never will.


I’ve experienced somewhat better fues myself, got a 30 and a 60 on Suchotator and a 40 on Nodopatotitan the other day.


Actually, I did pretty good when I was making purrolyth, too.

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They care enough to nerf these spawns…Ive posted in other threads the galaxy platform stats for this game as far as player base wise goes…i understand its a small sliver of a big picture but recents updates tell the whole picture. 16 months ago 127k active users. This week 54k thats down 58k from last week.

The shrinking of the ladder was a direct result of a shrinking player base.

The nerf spawns are at attemp to increase revunue with a Shrinking playerbase. Moving stegos, then offering a stego scents, nerfing trex spawns and their being a scent with a chance for trex coming as soon as they built up enough demand.

After the sold enough apex predator scents they restore his spawns and say players weve listened to you.


Its making the unique dinos. Thats when I get spammed with the 10s.

I do ok on epics, rares and do somewhat ok on legendary fuses, but the unique fuses screw me every…single…time.


spawn nerfs yes but the fuses ive actually seen better since 1.5. i used to get minimum 5 trex per day. now maybe 1 per day sometimes per 2 days. today was a good day for me though, not like in the past but ill take it. 1 rex, 1 koola, 1 concave, 2 ouran, 1 kentro.

oddly, I have spare epic scents from strike events to use for rexes. but it hardly spawns with that, what i got from scent is kind of local epic more. (in my case is 3 Erliko and 1 SpinoII) before 1.5 even without helping from scents, Rex spawns like a rabbits.

but about fusing I really don’t know. Fusing Magna and Dilorache just only 10 DNA continually (dies inside with Magna case) but fusing Erlidom let me level her from 22 to 23 just in 3 fuse! It’s just a pure luck of RNG maybe?

this is why they don’t spawn

and why we are getting raptor scents, stegosarus scents. all the useful dinos are being taking off the map and sold to us instead :man_shrugging:


Frankly, epic spawn rates have drastically improved for me since 1.5. I used to see 1-2 T-Rex per week, if I was lucky. Now, I see around 4-5 epics per day, including T-Rex. I even darted an Ouranosauros yesterday! Hadn’t seen on of those in like forever!


I’ve seen a few Ourano lately too which I haven’t seen in months…but every other epic I used to see daily has all but vanished. I’ve seen TWO Sino since 1.5, and if you ask ANYONE who knows me, I was the Sino queen. They’d pop outside my house basically every single day, then I’d find a few more elsewhere. There is a very noticeable change in spawns, Baryonyx is now everywhere and Rex has disappeared mostly…when it should be the opposite since Rex has how many hybrids and Barry only has one.


To tell you the truch, I was never seeing Sinoceratops, so not seeing after 1.5 seemed kinda normal… I am also seeing very little Baryonix, compared to T-Rex… Don’t know, maybe it’s a local thing. Anyway, felt really left out before 1.5, not as much after…

I fused thoradolasaur in three days. I got two 80s and a 50. I know that Thora was post 1.5, and for the first week of 1.5 I still had alright fuses. But the last week or two it’s been nothing but garbage, even on epics and rares. Today I jumped for joy because I got a 40 on Diloracheirus which is my first fuse above 30 in a week or two, when I used to get amazing fuses everyday. Something definitely changed and maaaaany people have noticed. I could understand one dino, or day. But it’s every dino every day. I fused tryko over a couple days…8 fuses got me 110/250, that’s an average of 13 DNA per fuse and that’s absolutely disgusting for a dino that requires 200 Rex DNA per fuse (whose spawns we’re simultaneously nerfed). Ludia fails to realize all they have to do to maintain or increase their cash flow, is please the existing customer base. But instead they drive it away with shady business practices like this. And think we’re all too stupid to notice. Talk about adding insult to injury.


I actually got a 90 fuse on indominus and megalosuchus today and my epic spawns are as good as ever. My problem is all my useful darting Dino’s have dried up and everything I see are things I don’t need

Useful darting dinos?

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Re: Spawns
bcc: App Store and Play Store ratings



I managed to dart 1 T-Rex yesterday and it’s true that their numbers have dwindled! I used to see about 3-4 a day (Most was 7!)

Now I have been encountering Baryonxy 3-5 times daily, even spawning within reach of my home.

About fusing, I still think it’s all random. I was lucky to dart a Kentro yesterday as well and managed 2 fuses for Tryko and got 10 and 40!

This morning I fused Tyrannolophosaurus and got some pretty high numbers like 30, 40, 50 with some 10s and 20s.

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Please buy more scents. Clearly you are in control of your own spawns! Just fork over the money… duuh!

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Just did a few fuses on Eniasuchus, these were the results…

20, 40, 20, 10, 20, 30, 20, 40, 70


It sure is depressing to finally get enough rex dna along with the ankly and kento and to just fuse a 10. Haven’t seen a rex in days…

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