Ludia, we've noticed


Guuuyyyysss!! I found a Trex IN THE WILD! No scents, no incubator, NOTHING!! AHHHHH!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Seriously tho, was enough to level my Indo again so I am actually pretty stoked


That’s their strategy. They removed T-rex and Sino spawns in the wild cause they were planning those dinos as featured of the week. So they cannot let you progress above the pace they set for their game. Along the featured dinos they introduce overpriced epic and legendary incubators that include the same dinos DNA in a gamble with useless things. If you progressed too quickly, just by finding dinos in the wild people wouldn’t need a few extra DNA that pushes them to buy the overpriced incubators.

As it stands, this game is a dictatorship. Ludia sets the pace you can progress, no matter how many hours a day you play or how much effort you put into the game. They won’t let you progress faster unless you pay thousands of real money in their incubators. That’s the type of hustlers they really are.


You nailed it!


Ohh wow, that many Ourano and Kentro … Which zones you travel? and any specific time of day etc? I really need suggestions for those 2


That’s funny, I was just thinking this game got lame. Boring creatures, and all the same spawns. Nothing I need.
Reduced spawns for sure.

Fix it LUDIA!


Who’s side are you on man?


I agree 100%…especially on fusing Indoraptor…2k vraptor dna per fuse…that’s a high amt to give 5 10s in a row…ran right thru 10k vraptor dna


I wonder why do they do everything to make players go mad?! Do they really want to increase their income or playerbase this way?!


you said it, @Hersh - no more L 1-4 anytime, they are now classified as an app store spawn.


Yeah I literally haven’t seen a rex spawn since 1.5, on the other hand, Ourano seems to be everywhere and Sino is a bit more common for me. Mostly Bary though :unamused:


@TyrannosaurusLex That was a good way of wording! With all of these topics, Ludia might listen to us :grinning:


Fused Thor and Tryko last weekend and got 6 10s in a row on tryko and 4 on Thor. P*** take isnt the word…


How many T.Rex I’ve seen since the update?




my fusion so far ok. my latest diloracheus fuse 40. im also ok with trex. ive seen 1x today. and 1x also yesterday. but compare with last time i agree, my trex frequency is more last time. like 2-3 perday. but not until like zero trex like what people claim


I had commented this days back as to how the rng works, so now many are seeing 10s instead of usual, so the rng has broken?
no one knows exactly what’s behind the rng, it can be easily manipulated to frustrate players and thus, pay for it.
I noticed the drop by then, so is crazy now to do fusing.
Rather i would prefer a fixed number of fuse for each dino, why need to pray for something when the something is not even random in reality, is still a controlled mechanism and is not 50/50.


Lex I have been pushing for a fusion system update for many months! I have never seen anything in notes or from moderators about them ever changing it! I would love to see elimination of 10 fuses on a permanent basis and minimum fuses depending on rarity!


Would even be a nice perk to VIP.


Any change at all would be nice! Same system since game launch! It made sense then! Nothing but rare and epic hybrids. But now with the massive amount of legendary and unique the system needs an update


I still think that the fusing is random, today i got my second 100 (on ankyntro, i’ve played since the global release).
They need to completely rework the fusing system though.