Ludia, we've noticed


:raised_hand: i take back everything bad i’ve ever said about spawns :eye: :eye:


stop having 2 million + coins, its just rude.


well if they’d spawn something useful for me to evolve stuff to be able to spend them :man_shrugging: :joy:
level 22 einosaurus (not the hybrid) is looking pretty tempting though :upside_down_face:


If those statistics are true and we play worldwide just over 50,000 players, this game is predestined to die. It will be a shame because it could have been a great game and Ludia has made a good effort to offer novelties (capsules, assault events, treasures, …) but she has not worried about those things that kept game users away (errors of connection, the 10 repetitive ones in the fusions, the bad spawns, …).


Thats why i cant understand how people have full teams of uniques at 28 +, i think ludia must do another ban wave of spoofers, i hardly can have few uniques at 24,25 playing the whole day and wasting like 10,20 epic scents per weeek lol


yup. i have a 28 indoraptor because it’s components are much “easier” to find. but everything else is 24 or below. i’ve been playing since April. 28 utarinex, 28 diloracheirus, not buying it :man_shrugging:


Those statistics are from samsung galaxy users only we can long press on a game and bring up details and it shows the games worldwide galaxy stats. Its those stats plus Ludias own changes that leads me to belief this games losing more then just galaxy platform players. When they condensed the ladder down in 1.5 first thing I thought of was that its like an mmo mergering servers.


Ok ! is a goog information anyway



Only just seen this but. Girl. 100% on point.

Was going to put an post about this myself but thought what’s the point…

Well… how many users agree is the point. Maybe… just maybe we’ll be listened to…

Play fair Ludia!!! We understand your goal is to make $$$ jeez we give enough to know that. We know you reduce spawns in the wild and put out scent capsules specifically for those reduced spawns. And incubators. It’s obvious.

But seriously… it’s really, really saddening you’re playing us like this :pensive:

We give you so much… and you give us so much back. We appreciate you, the efforts you go to to keep this game fresh. We forgive your terrible server connection issues, your taking forever to resolve major issues like unobtainable spawns in battle barrels, friends lists not working, predictive hits not working… we forgive the times you have nerfed dinos we’ve spent time & money upgrading…

But this… the blantant aggressiveness of your money-making strategy is… I mean I feel depressed and let down. I really do. We all do.

It’s not playing nice Ludia.

It’s not playing fair.

It’s pretty horrible to be honest.

Please pass this to whichever director at Luida who signed these tactics off with ideas of a fat fat bonus on their mind.

I took the day off work to hunt today. In 12 hours I got 1 Stegoceratops, 4 flipping Barrys, and 1 concavenator

In 12 hours.

I saw ONE Stego and that was stuck in an old barrel.

So yeah I bought a load of stego bombs. Once you’ve stopped the Stego drought They’ll probably sit next to the Velo bombs I stupidly bought when you deliberately put out the Velo drought last time.

Fusing Utarinex (started after 1.5) currently standing at 220/250… have had 1 x 20 fuse and TWENTY 10 fuses. TWENTY.

Don’t hold us to ransom Luida.

We love playing the game and we love the positive things you’ve done…! We pay accordingly.

Don’t fleece us please. Don’t treat us like this. Play fair. APPRECIATE your players.



Lex darling you are SPOT ON. I spent 1/2 hour writing a reply, worded nicely, in agreement and also emphasising the points you made.

It’s been instant flagged.

Another really, really disappointing move.

Play fair Luida!!! You’re being awful to us you really are.


Mods please approve my post. I was careful to make sure there was nothing against forum rules in it, and if you think there was just edit that bit and post it please.

It was critical of Luida but then I’m sure you’d want us to speak up to seek change rather than just leave… which is a highly considerable option given the current fleecing we are experiencing.

Stop holding us to ransom, we are so loyal and spend sooo much and feel completely used right now.


Just did 4 fuses on Erlidominus…

Guess what I got.

Winner gets Bary or Concav DNA :expressionless:


frustrated, but not surprised?


I meant on the fuses… not my life…,

Oh, wait :hugs:


The answer is yes.





I’m pretty sure that fuses on uniqes are having a lower average fuse than epics for example. NOT COOL! And I believe T-Rex went extinct, one might consider using genetic engeneering to bring this species back to life…


Yea I get that and I expect that and do understand & appreciate… Uniques should be harder to get… that’s a part (apart from the MASSES of DNA required) that makes them… Unique! …but I fused Uniques before 1.5 and wasn’t like this.


Epic Spawns are pretty much non-existent, I’m starting to miss Secodontosaurus :frowning: bring the epics back Ludia, bring the epics back…


And mods… still my post hasn’t been approved… what are you hiding?


So between the spawn nerf and the fuse nerf we basically…no longer have a game to play. We just sit here and stare at an empty map. Requesting dna from alliance members won’t work long term either if everyone’s maps are blank. Great job Ludia. :+1:t3: