Ludia, we've noticed


Right??? Barry is supposed to be an anytime global spawn and I’ve still only seen two of them since 1.5 launched. That’s bad bad news for the other epics that are supposed to be even harder to find.


The only way I’m seeing anything right now is by doing bombs…

And yea, because I’m addicted I’m buying into that.

And yea… I did 2 tonight and got concav x 1 and secondo x 2… in places that I know used to be a trex/Sino and golden chicken goldmine…,

Feeling so used right now


And a Stego bomb. Actually at a park.::

Miragaia Miragaia Miragaia

Give us a break!!!


Any news on approving my original post mods?


Thank you mods :blush:


What’s really disheartening is that I live by restaurants, before 1.5 dropped Atleast 2-3 Trexes would spawn there (it’s their nest) after 1.5 dropped, I’ve only seen 1 Trex spawn there, 1 and that was atleast 2 weeks ago. I mean alot of Trex Gen 2 spawns up there but Dilophosaurus Gen 2 is also non-existent for me. Sigh.


Oh am off to bed the other half of the research team (researchgirl) is on one !! Lol :joy: she’s baying for blood


I used an epic scent last night, in Area 2 as I haven’t seen an Ourano in months!

The results:
2 x Secodontosaurus
4 x Baryonxy
2 x Dracorex
Rest were commons which ‘magically disappeared’ after darting one. (Fix your bugs, Ludia)

If this is the kind of result from an epic scent, why even bother selling them…


I actually got disconnected today, and when I hit reconnect it said the game had updated and I had to restart. So I’m hoping they heard us, because since that happened my fuses have gone back to normal. 60 on Utasino and a 10 and 40 on Utarinex. Also saw way more epics today than lately…still no Rex though.


That’s better than ours got one second useless thing epic rest were common, wow 6 epics, but yeah bary thought that was a night thing got 2 at 1pm today, ludia sort this out, we all pay good money for these incubators,
STOP NERFING our fuses


Saw two rex’s today! First in atleat a week. Had to run out at work in the rain to get one though. :joy:


Should try super… Wait…never mind.


You broke the rule…


Only almost


this morning… 2 rare scents… 40 minutes gone… 400 cash gone

like 6 charlies
1 utah raptor
and 1 of my actual target… dracorex… :unamused:


Went out to do strike towers tonight here in L1 and got a Sino, a T-rex and a T-rex gen 2 all about 300 feet of each other.

These things come in waves with times of the day where there is just nothing but common riff-raff. Then pops out a bunch of rares and even an epic or two.

But, yea, I’ll go days without seeing much for epics and then just this week a string of days where I am seeing them but can’t always get to them.


Yep, another frustraiting fuse session on a unique tonight. Four 10s, a 20 and then three more 10s.

Was trying to fuse a level on dilorachi, but all I did was effectively deplete almost a months worth of ourano hunting instead.


The more I think about it, the more I start to believe that there isn’t anything “random” about the Unique fuses.

Sure the other tiers can throw out random and surprising numbers, but I think I am starting to see a pattern on the Uniques, and it’s not pretty.


Problem is…what can we do?
Nothing, not in our control.
Fuse or don’t? u cannot run away from it, we are at the mercy of the programmers, if everything is so called RNG.


Since 1.5, I‘ve only seen eight Baryonyx in total. Five disappeared before I got to them.
Haven‘t seen Rexy, Kentro, Erli, Sino since then in the wild.
Found a concavenator yesterday. First epic in few days.

I also wanted to start fusing Indoraptor, but atm I wait until Ludia might hopefully raise the fusion chances again.
I‘m not built for that kind of frustration, to be honest. So I‘d rather wait than see tons of DNA wasted for many 10s… :confounded::confounded::confounded: