Ludia, we've noticed


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It’s ok… I think they listened and fixed the spawns :relieved:


Mine were


Haven’t seen a T.Rex since 1.5 when I used to get 2-3 a day. Seen more Sino and Bary though

Fuses have been so so, haven’t noticed any change, although I haven’t had above 50 in a while


Thinking to back too to pogo who i uninstalled 1 year ago, at least pogo can be fun whitot paying, and spawns was everywhere.
Atm this game only can befun if you are rich and spam scents, cause there is literally nothing to hunt whitout they(yes that stupid common bird and irritator is nothing) , so sad cause this game could be great but in this way in few months only rich and spoofers will play jwa


POGO is finally getting PvP.
Only a few years late, but they’re instituting it shortly.


Since 1.5 I’ve seen an improvement in fusion numbers, more variety in spawns, and more wild population. Overall 1.5 was an improvement.


I’ve noticed the exact opposite for the most part post 1.5…I’ve been finding WAY more epics than I have previously. Heck, it almost feels like I’ve seen more epics in the past week or so than I did all of 1.4 combined (obv not counting event dinos). Trex seems to have decreased slightly, but still them out there. And I haven’t been fusing as much the past few days, but I haven’t noticed any down turn of fusing since the patch started.


Wait, what? Are you sure you actualized the game to 1.5?


If you mean more brachiosaurus or baryonix epics then yes, i ignore most of brachiosaurus like i do whit majunsaurus lol


Nope, I’ve seen one, maybe two Brachiosaurus since 1.5 dropped. A few more Bary than I have previously, but not a horrendously abnormal amount. I have seen more Sino, more Mono, a good number of Trex, more Spinotharaptor, more Postimetron, more Stegoceratops, etc. Don’t just assume :slight_smile:


Hugh? I must be playing a whole different game.

I honestly havent had a good productive hunt since 1.3.
1.5 has the lowest amount of spawns I have ever seen on the map and I’ve been playing since launch day.


I totally agree with this thread and its clear that a lot of people agree on how Ludia want to squeeze their playerbase in spending money by nerfing the spawns and many other ingame features. The funny thing is many players have “noticed” this, but knowing Ludia they wont even notice this thread. And that translate in weekly significanr player decrease: 10% decrease every week, as someone else posted in another thread.


Then you account are iluminated, literally i hunt 1 t rex since 1.5, and before i managed to lvl 29 indoraptor, 25 elridominus, even a 23 indominus because why not t rex dna was esy to get…


So basically, what i’m hearing from you is, ‘because it happened in the past at this rate for me, it should continue into the future at that same rate without fail, and it if doesn’t do so for me personally, something is wrong with the game’. I went for several weeks at a time continuously at one point in 1.4 without seeing a single epic TRex. During most of that same period, I didn’t see a single other non-event epic either for the most part. From my time spent in game so far, I don’t expect to keep seeing epics at the rate I have been over the past week or so, but I am enjoying it while it lasts and I can find them with more ease than I have been previously. Its not the first time I’ve seen a deluge of them, relatively speaking, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Just like I’m sure another epic drought is coming for me sooner or later. Its part of the game…things tend to come in streaks both good and bad. And things can’t always go your way.


i will give them credit on the battle incubators though. the DNA you get is much more random and you get a lot of different DNA all the time. as opposed to before where every incubator was stiggy gen 2 and purrassaurus. at least for me.


tried the same strategy at night while I was after Dimetrodon in L1. Got one and about 6 Deltas…


With this new update, I’ve noticed a huge decrease in rare local spawns. The cold has made my hunting decline drastically. Most nights I’d only bike 3-4 miles compared to the usual 10+ As far as spawn rates for epics, it seems to have increased for me aside from the global trex dilemma. Found at least 40 wild epics and 6 of them being my fav sinos :heart_eyes: Don’t use much epic scents but here is what I noted down. Enjoy the raptors being abundant like the old days, but a heads up would’ve been nice, props to ludia for tempting me to spend cash on scents. Spent a good 2,000 on those raptor scents thinking about the future of my Indo. Now I have over 90k and now I just ignore them like nothing :rofl:

As far as fusing goes, more consecutive 10s but every now and then I would get a whammy fuse, and I return back to normal :rofl:

Since the update these were my wild findings

11/20 gorgo
11/21 anyklo, raja, concavenator, erliko
11/22 pteranodon, baryonyx
11/23 brachiosaurus, baryonyx
11/24 2x brachiosaurus
11/26 2x sinoceratops
11/27 Trex, brachiosaurus, kentrosaurus
11/28 ourano, baryonyx
11/29 2x sinoceratops, secondonto, baryonyx,
12/1/ nodopato
12/2/ brachiosaurus, raja, sinoceratops, nodopato
12/3 mono, erliko, sinoceratops, 2x baryonyx
12/4 trex
12/5 trex, 2x baryonyx, spino gen 2
Today so far: Brachiosaurus, Trex, and Spino gen 2

Epic Scents

11/21 2x ouranos, 1 baryonyx
12/3 2x secodonto 2x baryonyx
12/3 3x ourano 3x baryonyx


I think T Rex has been replaced with Baryonyx as most common epic. I think they went over the top with Einiosaurus.


A few epics I ran into today,