Ludia, we've noticed


Must depend on location - spent 2 hours hunting Tenonto this morning got 22/24 plus one wild one plus T-Rex G1, T-Rex G2 x 2, Sino, Bary, Brachi, Ourano, Raja and at least a dozen other rares - best two hours I think I have had in game!


And just used the Sino to fuse Utasino and 50 30 and then Utarinex 20 :smile:

Edit: Ok … another 6 fuses on various creatures - all 20 :smiley:


Wow then perhaps it really is just bad luck. I haven‘t seen Rexy since the update, a few times I saw Baryonyx and I also found three Brachis. That‘s actually it.
No Sino since then, Ourano, Pyro, etc.

Oh I forgot the two Monolophosaurs I found. But that‘s all yeah.


It could just be coincidence but I find spawns are poorer than pre-1.5 if you are just sitting around at work/home waiting for stuff to turn up but are improved if you are out and about hunting.


Whats everyone record for 10 fuse DNA in a row? Yesterday I hit 16 in a row of 10. Proud of that record. :thinking::crazy_face:


The last time i saw a sinoceratops in the wild was stuck inside a strike capsule 3 months ago now the only time i see them are in the green loot boxes and yea for some reason they increased the fusing amount


Respectfully disagree. Now I can understand there are droughts, and floods. Good days and bad. But when I’ve played 8+ hours a day for months, and had relatively the same results daily (obviously with variations and differences)…then all of a sudden an update happens and it’s completely the opposite of what it used to be… something is up. I’ve had one decent epic day since 1.5, and even that was nothing compared to what I used to have. I used to average 11-15 or more epics a day. But I put in the time and effort and distance to get them. I earned them. Now I put in the same time, effort, and distance for nothing most days. Something has shifted and it’s not cool.


Also mind you, I take the same routes now as I have every single day for months…I’ve learned what dinos spawn where on these routes, sometimes at certain times of day, etc. And they’re all gone now. Something has changed.


I’m having the same experience. It’s causing me to go out less and less.


Yep. This nonsense on top of the cold weather…I’m about to just stop bothering. But I think us going out less and less is what they’re counting on…they want us to spend more on incubators and scents.


Funny that this crap started when it started getting really cold for most people, too.


Definitely not disagreeing that something has changed. And anyone that knows you at all knows you’ve been one to put in massive effort in going out and collecting DNA to get where ya are with your team,etc. I’ve never had that much time per day the vast majority of days to be able to put that much into collecting, though I do what I can…and I’ve never been upset by the differences in our teams because of that time difference. But with my work schedule, etc, I have been having a little more time of late to go out hunting, and take different routes some days than others. Mostly based around what I’m seeing up/available for event dinos, and which ones I’m looking for. While I’m not sure what exactly has changed with the spawn mechanics, I do know on average I’m seeing an uptick in the number of epics I’ve been seeing of late vs previous. Heck, I’ve been excited as a kid seeing two Ourono’s in the past few days. Can’t even remember the last time I’ve seen one in the wild before that. Maybe its been a rebalancing of spawns with a slight decrease in spawns in more populated areas and increase somehow in more rural areas. Maybe its just been a redistribution of the places/times things spawn. Personally, feeling lately like I have better chances of seeing epics, and more of them has been making me want to get out more lately despite spending a lil more in gas (since there isn’t anywhere around here to really get out and walk around and hunt).

I’d be interested in some truly empirical data to see what others have noticed as well, outside the thread here. Can’t be the only one who’s seeing a positive out of whatever shift has recently occurred.


Definitely no fusion improvement for me. I think fuses got worse this patch.


Funny you mention Ouranos, I hadn’t seen one for two months. When 1.5 dropped, I’ve seen 6 or 7 since. I NEVER saw them before. Now I see them relatively often compared to then…but Rex and Sino that I saw every single day, are extinct now. My times and routes haven’t changed so it’s the mechanics that have changed. And I’ve heard several other people also say they’ve seen a major increase in Ourano when they hadn’t seen it for months as well. I’m excited for the Ourano increase since I’m a bit over halfway to creating Diloracheirus, but the Rex spawn nerf is torture when it takes 200 Rex DNA per Tryko fuse and I’m getting nothing but 10s on tryko. 10s shouldn’t even be possible on a dino like Tryko that requires that insane amount of DNA. Even with the amount of Rex I used to see it would take forever to create, let alone now. Spawns should also reflect the amount of hybrids a dino feeds. A dino like Rex that feeds four hybrids (indom, Tryko, Indo, and erlidom) should spawn waaaaay more often than Barry which feeds one single hybrid. But since 1.5 I see multiple Barry’s per day, and have seen less than a handful of Rex period since the update. Not even five.


They definitely did. 110%. I have never, EVER had fuses this horrible.


Its really wierd that some have come into threads like this and try to act like the spawns like trex hadnt been changed… like it was litterally in the patch notes that they were adjusting certain hybrids spawns and named trex.

But yeah i havent seen a wild sino in over a week… used to average 4-5 a week… with the cold and the spawns ive basically have stopped going out to hunt… fill my incubators… do strikes/event dinos… then i go play something else…

Not even just epics, they moved so much over to parks and park spawn pools are so dilluted getting what you want is just a terrible experience.


Oh so cold :cold_sweat:
That 10-step Epic Strike was a frigid slap in the face lol.
I’m guilty of giving into buying scents… burning off the in-game cash I spent real cash on during the big sale they had recently. No plans on spending real money again, though.


I also bought into the sales, both cash and coin. Used alot of the cash, to buy the coin deals.


The thing is…ludias idea of a 50% off sale is a far more realistic idea of what a virtual currency should actually cost.


Let me make sure I heard you correctly. You found 40 epics? I need to be where you’re at!!! I might see 3 epics all week long over here!!!