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Just did 4 nodopatotitan fusions and I got 10, 10, 10, and 20. more like "Noooo"dopatotitan :joy:


Very rarely see rex i have seen one since the update a pyroraptor a few baryonyx a few ourano monolophosaurus nondopato stegoserotops and a couple erlik bit rex is what i want


I got almost all 10 10 10 10 10…on Thorlado :cry:, so I’ve been just created that kid.
So much Sinocera wasted for these 10 DNA.:rage:

Also I recently fuse some Dilorache & Tuora, also got all 10…
That’s awful, and make me really on the edge of quit this game.
Why can’t we got guaranteed 20 DNA for fusing unique?


I just had a fusing session, where i produced 1200 Nodopato DNA. In that session i got a 100, a 80, two 60s, multiple 50s and 40s.


Yes over 40 haha, and all within 15 mins from my house. I tend to ignore nodos, secodontos, etc sometimes. Speaking of that, found another wild sino today :heart_eyes: More than welcome to hunt in my neighborhood friend :smile: #7 since update

Found enough barries to level my tryo from L25 to L26 in less than two days :star_struck:


Im happy for the increased ourano spawn, except im in trash zone3 who is worse than before, i was hunting 1,2 erlikosaurus daily of each 2 days now 0 too xd, i will enjoy the lvl 28 dilonacheirus everybody on his zone will have xd.
The zone3 player are made from other wood, the rest of zone player would uninstall the game 1 month after of live and work in zone 3 xd


I think they took all the ouranos from me and gave them to everyone else because I haven’t seen them in weeks


On a second note, managed to find another sino!! :star_struck: Almost miss this greenie thinking it was an event dino. Darted that, circled back home and managed to snag a Trex. Think they are starting to come back for me. All within 3 mins from my place… not too shabby of a day :smile:




I found rexy in a wild today! after saw her last week! It’s been almost a week! a whole week!


wth, she’s just spawned and then loading hourglass poped up… Boom! Rexy disappeared!

this is madness

this is heresy

…despawn rexy in front of the eyes who’s always seeking for her is the eighth of deadly sins.


I saw a trex for two seconds and then it disappeared. That’s the first I’ve seen (outside the event a few weeks ago) since September. I live between several zones and travel a lot, playing several times a day. I’ll never get a level 15 trex, much less level up an indominus.


Me too! I was so pissed off


No word of a lie… Epic spawns have ALWAYS sucked around me. I play HOURS per day and travel all over the place every day. During the past 2 1/2 WEEKS I have found a grand total of FOUR Epic Baryonyx and that is it!!! I am out from early morning to late at night. I am hitting all different areas from rural to malls. I see pictures from others who live in different areas of the country where you can see a LOT of different dinos including more than one Epic. They need to balance out the dispersion of all of the dinos. I can give you all of the “Suckmimimous” you could want as there are usually 4-6 of them within the 200M circle everywhere I go.


Been hunting 12 hours a day, for 29 days now, for Sinoceratops. Just started fusing Utarinex, Need Sinoceratops. only found 1 so far.
Oh, and take a guess what I got on utarinex?? I did 6 fusions and got 6 10’s in a row. (ON FREAKIN UTARINEX!!!)
down goes 3000 Dracorex, 300 utasinoraptor, 3800 Utahraptor (fused utasinoraptor 19 (19!) times to get to 300 utasinoraptor, and 950 sinoceratops. DOWN THAT FREAKIN GOES.