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Ludia, what are store offers for?

Take a look:

if ludia care for profits, i wonder why they keep this matchmaker and show us coins, incubators and boost offers?

i can’t upgrade team, or i am punished. so, why i would buy incubator, boost, or coins, if i cant use them?


i dont understand. i upgrade my team all the time. in fact im waiting on coins for magna and tryos level up. i wish theyd have constant coin sales.

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I think the original post alludes to the fact that when you are at a certain level in the game ( 4000-5000 ) it seems that the matchmaking algorithm suddenly pairs you up with crazy higher ranked players when you boost or level up your dinos . Thus it seems pointless buying anything in store to do this.


im in aviary quicksand 5200 range and slowly progressing as i upgrade. at one point i will be the high level team. if you do nothing you wont progress.

and if i do, i drop. what can i do?

from a person who’s almost in sorna having lvls 11-14 in my team… 2991 trophies. (me)…
When I level up my dinos or boost them I start facing lvl 20+ dinos, at least 1 dino of theirs has a tier 4+ stat, usually speed.

i reported this 3 times.
4800. upgrade, then 4200… slowly back to 4700.

4800 after some more time. upgrade and BOOM, 4400. then slowly climb back and guess what. 4700 again.

then 4800+ upgrade A LOT OF THINGS and POW! pushed to 4500.

today, here i am at 4800 again. do somebody want to guess what is gonna happen if i upgrade these dinos i shown?

point is: current matchmaker is making us have fear of upgrading (cant downgrade back). old trophies mm was encouraging us to upgrade as soon as possible. it was almost a guarantee of better results.

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look at this player:

boosts are very similar to mine.

it’s the 2nd in my alliance. it was first before level up some dinos and replace some lower rarity for those uniques.

then player upgraded and dropped in trophies. and i became first after replaced indominus for procerathomimus.

well, that player is now stuck at 4400-4600 range, while i am at 4600-4800. the record for that player was 4687, mine was 4899 (right before i do an upgrade in team).

friendly is hard to me beat that team, i tend to understand his team is better than mine.

but i also tend to understand he was punished for having more uniques and a overall stronger team than mine.

now i am 1st in alliance for almost 2 months and he can’t get up.

ps: that player was with this team even before i upgrade mine a little, some days ago. so, my team was even weaker than his when we changed rank positions.

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I seriously hope anyone spending money on this game is rich, and not blindly putting it on a credit card. If you are the latter, bankruptcy is in your future.

i only maintain vip. i did a few purchases in past, incubator, boost (ugh!) and green cash.

but now, even if its a GREAT offer, i can’t see benefit.

to ludia encourages people for purchasing some offers, people need to feel banefits.

I have around 700k coins and I’m waiting on a coin sale too. Lol I don’t have anything I can level up though haha.

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something changed?
things in my alliance changing now. i’m dropping, and those players who couldn’t reach me, now are better ranked than me with their stronger uniques. it’s going to be as expected now.

we didn’t change our teams. is matchmaker changing?


it’s important to have an official answer, because i can finally upgrade my team an boost some unique instead of using lower rarity ones to get advantage.

if @Ludia_Developers @Ned @Jorge read us.