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LUDIA what happened no Ardentismaxima at all.?

Attention Ned support .?.
Today was supposed to be the scheduled day that the Ardentismaxima unique should have appeared in the wild, but so far nothing, zip, nil, nada, zero…
Despite traveling over 30 kilometers in an attempt to actually find one it was a complete waste of time as not one of them ( Ardentismaxima unique ) was to be found … not even a dead one !
I know things happen occasionally where planned releases do not go exactly as they should do but what the bleeding heck happened over where i live.?.
A friend sent me a picture of the one he snagged afterwards pictured below ( lousy score though lol ) but it would have been nice to actually get what i was supposed to in the area where i live even if i had to travel another 30 kilometers to do so.
Not a happy camper LUDIA not a happy camper at all… next time a special dinosaur is released i will give serious thought as to whether or not i should even bother going after it because knowing my luck it would vanish long before i got within range of it thereby making it a totally wasted trip to acquire any DNA so why should i even bother chasing it in the first place .!. ( P.S. ) The day is already half gone and still no sign of the Ardentismaxima anywhere with a 30 kilometer radius .?.

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