Ludia, what I have done to deserve this?

I’m losing my straight 19th -20 trophy battle when I’m writing this. Opponents have been ranging +1500 to +400 above me.Every dodge fails. Opponent stuns me everytime and even testa can crit 6 times on me.

Around similar time last season I had 38 battles with -20 or +40 in a row.

Is it I did not pay enough? Or you really cannot find a similar player around 6000 trophies to match me?

Why Ludia why?

whats your arena

You know that once you get to the beach, you’re automatically matched with anybody in it, including all the top players??? This is very normal for the beach. Players in the low 6K are simply food for the top players so they can get a game quickly. That’s why you see them with so many trophies…


End game at the moment really is just annoying and frustrating.
Everybody runs the same team and so often RNG is the deciding factor.

RNG always was a thing in JWA. But losing a battle after 2-3 minutes due to bad luck is fine. Losing after an annoying 10 minutes battle due to a Phorurex crit or getting stunned despite high stun resistance? Not that fine anymore…

At this point there is not much I can recommend. Live with the frustration, spend money to get the new shiny OP monsters at 30/30 asap or drop to an arena where you will face more fun and diversity.

I have the same thing unfortanetly