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Ludia - What improvements are needed ! Some Ideas ? Please share!

You know what should be fixed already and i think is not a hard fix is the Donations missing from our requests on who donated! This is a previous feature and should always be top priority to fix . Find the code check for errors . I’m not a dev I’m a IT student and truly think the priorities of a Gaming company should be patch work applied immediately on already existing issues ! Yes there’s a lot of issues but searching for this problem shouldn’t be hard . The previous patch had it working so what was changed to effect it? Honestly this shouldn’t happen but they do and should be fixed within a week of receiving the reports of issue.

As a long time player since beta over a year ago I’ve been through ups and downs and stuck with this game because of my love for it and for Dino’s

Dinolord is committed to this game! We need to know Ludia you are too!

Show us love fix existing issues and prioritize them the simple fixes should have a team working on them while another works on the harder fixes. If a team is even needed! Sometimes more then 1 mind can find the errors faster it’s just a fact.

You’ve done an amazing job with updates and I understand “bugs” exist and happen . Human error is inevitable right ? QOS standards must exist and be applied . Like downtime is pretty extreme 2-2.5 hour average estimate in the past year majority planned some unplanned. Downtime = Loss for you and us as players (mostly patience is lost for us lol)
I’m still trying to understand why so much downtime to apply an update? Players must be off the game all at once yes ? Why is it that Niantic can Update with way less downtime if any at all. Maybe someone here could explain this clearer for me.

   —-Not all is bad in the world of JWA—-

1.You continue to give some amazing features.
2. You work hard :sweat: coding - Bugs it’s a lot of work
3. You’ve giving one of the best games I’ve ever played and I know a lot have ever played and that’s why we stick with JWA 4 life!

  • Take your time making the patches as perfect as possible ! Why press for a release (update) every 2-3 months . Testing stage of updated features are they pre tested on emulator ? Are you giving the proper amount of time to find the bugs yourself and fix prior to the update? Just trying to understand why so many bugs? Community here does help a lot with a greater feedback on a larger scale but it’s Frustrating to constantly report and wait .

  • Again I’m in NO way a Developer for phone games (apps) I do know they are much more different and difficult then some other programming and development from what I’ve read and was told.

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  • I know a lot of Mods here take a lot of Crap for relaying information given to them by dev team or community managers but your doing your job so take it easy on the forum team!


Sales are nice to see but they should exist much higher in the game as the cost of levelling uniques and every dino is very costly . I personally try only to buy sale incubators so could you apply some weekly incubator sales that include hard cash - coins - DNA . As these 3 items are something I look for and probably majority do in sales incubators !
Yes you have to make money but to keep up with your updates and new Dino’s we must have incubator sales containing new DNA and dino bucks and coin! 69.99$ CAD for a premium incubator containing 7000 Hard cash, 285k coin and all the DNA is great but could I also recommend including a Scent or two inside these and have it incubators that contain SPECIFIC DNA for current highly needed DNA in the community . You can know what’s highly needed by surveys and asking each level of player and perhaps top DNA needed do this short survey monthly or quarterly.

  • I’m more likely to buy what I’ve explained above as I’m sure most that do spend in game also look for!

  • Christmas sales last year were amazing I spent hundreds just couldn’t resist the deals!

  • That being said To my fellow players I’m in no way trying to push Ludia to try and gum money off you but to get us some better offers so that EVERYONE can have the chance to get the DNA they need and the works with it! That’s the truth !

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               (More like a shout) 
        🎶 Shout At The Devil 🎶 👿 

Sorry to imply Ludia is the devil lol :joy:

PLEASE feel free to comment below this thread on improvements on sales you would suggest and some of your concerns for the game to keep a solid player base committed to staying and ruling the world of Jurassic World Alive! :t_rex:

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