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Okay so first ludia I wanted to say I’m not mad…just disappointed. No this is not another we max was nerfed to hard or tryko is still op, or ugh BOOOSTSTSTSTSTS. No again today I’m here to talk about the class system…and how ludia devs have no idea how it works and can’t even follow it themselves

Okay for real with the introduction of 2.1 ludia gave us an introduction into their view into the class system. Now each dino has an icon next to it showing was class they belong to and in turn telling us what ludia think should counter what. Now some of these are obvious

Pyri cunning+Fierce= cunning-fierce creature

Nemys cunning + resilient = cunning-resilient

Olania is resilient cause of resilient ingredients

And so on and so forth yet some of these make no sense and some are a bit game breaking in terms of the system.

Ex: the medium counter attacking theropods.

Ludia what wer you guys think oh sure let’s make them RESILIENT FIERCE?! REGULAR DINOS CAN COUNTER TWO CLASSES?
image image image image image
So then what counters them? Did you eleven think this thru? (Also why raja and carno aren’t supposedly that they count since there counter attacks are armor piercing/ defense shattering)

Others also fall victim to this too like nasuto

Now ik there not that good but my grip is with both the fact that their regular dinos not hybrids and that ludia made them that way in 2.0. They literally made changes to dinos like miragaia, puurutar, spxs, the rat, Gemini, maxima etc to fall into classes but then to some dinos there like nah let them break their purpose. Plus one like the counter attacking theropods never mentioned them being double classes. They’re were supposed to like before in 1.114 fierce that used their counters instead of their attacks to counter tanks while buffing themselves.

Plsu if there gonna do this why isn’t marsupial lion fierce-cunning, Gemini cunning resilient, mammoth and hybrids being fierce-resilient, indoms cunning-fierce, sacroxis and einiasuchus fierce-resilient, Orion a wild card, dilorach and Dilorano cunning-resilient, rinex also cunning-resilient? Like ugh come on if your gonna so the system then stick to it.


Yup. It’s a bit hard to figure out why a creature is in a class or not.

Take Fierce Resilient Uniques as examples,

  • how is Stygidaryx fierce? is it because of the bleeding abilities? then why is Vex untyped?
  • how is Grypolyth resilient? is it because of the shields? then why is Carnotarkus untyped? tarkus also has Long Protection and rending counter.

Plus gyrpo has fierce strike so what the heck

Why isn’t dippy resilient fierce since it can easily counter both tanks and cunning creatures

Lol why is vexus wild at all is because null but null is a cunning move so it just be fierce cunning

Although It may seem out of place to have non hybrids be mixed classes, I’d say they are far from OP, so i think it’s fine. Not that they couldn’t get reworked.

But i agree some class placements are really weird. Gemini is just pure resilient, and spinonyx is cunning fierce, that makes no sense.

Did anyone actually say that? :rofl:
If anything, i feel like Tryko will probably be a bit on the underpowered side next skill tournament, despite having resilient impact (ugh). They could have reworked It much better than that

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You know they someone

The problem is this basically allows a loop in the system for ludia to be like welp guess we don’t have to care about doing things right or make things makes sense and we get stuff like maxima gaining two rampages out of nowhere,

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Yeah, that specific class may not be a problem but i get what you’re saying, It leaves opening for their inconsistencies and unbalanced decisions

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I mean we already have so many resilient creatures and now fierce creatures beat them like the what the use of cunning


Plus they keep contradicting themselves so much

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Yeah, there are too many resilient creatures in the game, they need to add more fierce and cunning, specially fierce. Reworking some classes like you said may help too. Perhaps instead of resilient moves those counter attackers could have just cleansing moves that don’t slow, like it’s the case with purrutaurus and some tall legged crocs

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I think just PFS that makes hitting them so much more consequential and gives them a role and makes them on par with chompers in terms of damage out put

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That’d be nice too, but I’m fine with them using shields since they don’t have armor or very good

Plsu some resilient have fierce moves which doesn’t help at all especially when all cunning can remove attack buffs so agin it then makes that dino worse at countering cunning creatures than other resilient (looking at you mammoth hybrids)

In other games I play, cunning (“glass cannons”) have the highest attack and are beaten by armor. In this game, anything can beat cunning because not only do they not usually have overly high attack (looking at you, Poukaidei), they can also get beaten by anything that can cleanse or slow. Armor is just another problem they have to overcome.

Seriously, this tournament? Barely any teams have any cunning creatures whatsoever. Even my own team is purely resilient and fierce. Tried a cunning critter, and kept losing because everything flicked it away.

/end rant


Like come one why does allo get to cleanse and freaking shatter? Again breaking the class system and just making cunning pointless

I don’t mind tanks having self buffing moves as long as they don’t have very high damage or shattering moves. At the end of the day a ferocious move is just a more flashy impact. As long as they don’t beat fierce creatures it’s fine

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Mammolania: Huh about that…

Does lania beat other unique chompers other than Thor? If so, It could be a problem