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Ludia what you want most no more nerf unnecessary!

He doesn’t have a month to create a geminititan and I see in the forums a lot of people asking for nerf. Apparently they can’t or don’t want to create it, but at my cost it was a lot to go up to diplodocus and work 10 for attempts


Every time a strong hybrid appears, they ask for nerf regardless of the people who work very hard to create, level up and empower, so that in the end they were nerf and I was a real waste of

I don’t think you understand what a nerf is. A nerf doesn’t threaten your hard work at all. Most of the players asking for a Geminititan nerf have already created and regularly use it themselves.
All the nerf should do is bring Gemini in line with the other strongest creatures in the game, so it isn’t broken.

No one wants it becoming irrelevant.


Why was this topic unlisted and what does that even mean?


i am also very annoyed at people who ask for nerfs because they cant beat something with their lazily composed teams. i am in badlands and hate fighting indo, but i wont ask for a nerf because i know what nerfs can do to the meta. if gemini was nerfed then something much more annoying becomes the meta

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If it had to be nerfed, hopefully it’s a slight nerf. But Gemini does have quite a few flaws that other creatures easily take advantage of. Entelomoth on the other hand…


It’s ok to nerf something. Especially if it’s broken, gemini is absolutely busted because of the High HP and DMG + The cycle of DR and DSR + the immunity is op. It’s ok to nerf things IF you know what needs nerf.

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The problem is most forum users see the word “nerf” and equate it to Monomimus treatment, and then start acting all defensive. The only time anything’s been nerfed into the ground is with Ludia being Ludia. No reasonable person ever asks for that kind of nerf.

Though I might say, some players do want to gut some dinos, cough ProRat cough.

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I like the yoshi and I use it but even I admit, if it can either 2 shot the dino with the most damage in the game or make it only do 400 damage, we have a problem. It can 3-shot 6,000 health if there is no shield or armor.

Make an immune armor dino. This will solve the issue.

My suggestion: Have some select moves that can penetrate through a dino’s immunity, or mainly a dino’s partial immunity. Like a precise wound. Just brainstorming here


Don’t know where you all are at… but TMO procera, Indo gen 2 and Gemini are no worse than the 5000+health, 2000+ damage and 135 + speed boosted Thor’s. Yet nobody asks for a nerf there because all have it due to it being easily obtained and boosted


That isn’t true. Nobody asks for a nerf because the problem lies with the boosts, not the stats or abilities of the dino in question. So nerfing it doesn’t make sense, since the problem will still be around.

Besides, if you face Thor in a skill tournament, it’s pretty bad. It most definitely does not need a nerf. If anything, it needs a buff.


Anyone understands this thread?

Point is just deal with it. Ludias not perfect, as is with everybody, and just deal with it. Kind of tired of myself complaining and of others complaining for a nerf. Just deal with it. √

Now if we were to talk in ideal world where Ludia listens instantly to player feedback, nerf ProRat, but not GUT. My take on the most want-to-be-nerfed creatures:

HP decreases to 3100-3200

Indo G2
Cautious Strike gets rid of distraction and speed up or just speed up. In addition, HP decreases to 3500.

I dont know honestly

Attack reduced to 1400, or PFS is reduced to 25%/33% damage increase, and also speed reduction to 112 or 110

While I think the small drop in hp is fair, it should keep these two. It is the only thing really keeping entelomoth in check, and this is able to target both of moth’s weaknesses

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Rework entelemoth’s stats or moveset on separate. Dont make Indo G2 depend on it whether it gets nerfed.

And that is what is killing the battles. I regularly come up with Thors that are fast than my team. I use Yoshi but it has 1 boost - only so it was faster than a raptor when I was doing a strike.

Boosts are the problem is this game but they make money for Ludia so they aren’t going away.