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Ludia where are my 300 bucks?

Hello ludia I subscribed to you’re newsletter and it said I would receive 300 bucks but when I went into my game I did not receive my 300 bucks I did put in my email but that’s on my chromebook and I do not have Jurassic World the game on my chromebook only on my phone so I was hoping you could mail them to me in game hope to hear from you soon

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You need to click on the button in the email that gives you the 300 bucks.

You will need to open the email with the device your playing the game on and click the button and youl receive your 300 bucks as an in game message


@Aether_12 but it doesn’t appear in my mailbox in game or on my phone only on my chromebook

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The only way you can do this is get into your emails on the same device that your playing the game on


@Aether_12 ok I did what you said so I will tell you if it works

@Aether_12 it worked


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